Research & Study

Mission research and study

  • Encounters Mission Ezine

    Produced to resource the mission community, Encounters Mission Ezine is a topical missions magazine / journal published online every two months. Encounters is a place to discuss issues being faced in mission and provides a unique space where those involved in mission can respond and express their views.

  • The Centre for the Study of Bible and Mission

    Redcliffe College's Centre for the Study of Bible and Mission blog aims to serve the Global Church promoting missional engagement with the Bible, and biblical engagement with mission thinking and practice.

  • Vista

    Vista is a quarterly bulletin and online service from Redcliffe College which highlights issues relevant to those living and working in Europe.

  • Cambridge Centre for Christianity Worldwide

    CCCW operates at the intersection of academy, church and world. It is run by the Henry Martyn Trust, established in 1881 to promote world mission in Cambridge. CCCW provides resources for the study of and participation in mission and World Christianity.
    Tel: 01223 330641
  • Center for the Study of Global Christianity

    The Center for the Study of Global Christianity at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary is a comprehensive resource center for Christian research. It serves as a resource for faculty, students, alumni, visiting religion scholars, church leaders, missiologists and journalists seeking empirical information and analysis on the global Christian movement. The center maintains both the World Christian Encyclopaedia and the World Christian Database. There is also a one page 'Status of Global Mission' table edited by David Barrett & Todd Johnson.


    This is a web based resource for studying the early church. Covers early church history until the the rise of the medieval Papacy (c.600 AD).

  • Evangelical Missions Quarterly Online

    EMQ explores key topics in world missions today. Ther writers are veteran missionaries and mission leaders who bring years of experience to the table as they research, reflect and write on select issues.

  • Global Missiology

    Global Missiology's mission is to provide a quarterly publication with a commitment to the world-wide mission of the Church with the biblical mandate to "make disciples". It is, by design, a venue for electronic, interactive exchanges between researchers, practitioners and scholars who have an international scope and global concerns.

  • International Association for Mission Studies (IAMS)

    IAMS is an international, inter-confessional and interdisciplinary professional society for the scholarly study of Christian witness and its impact in the world. There are over 500 individual and corporate members around the world. The journal Mission Studies is published twice a year. International conferences are held every three to four years.

  • Internet for Religious Studies

    Internet for Religious Studies is a free online tutorial to help university students develop their Internet research skills.

  • John Clements - Discipleship and Missiology

    Mission articles and details of author's "mobile academy of mission".

  • Keston Institute

    Keston Institute, founded in 1969 under the title of Centre for the Study of Religion and Communism, has specialised in the study of all religions and all forms of religious expression in Communist and formerly Communist countries.
    Tel: n/a

    This US based site provides resources for missions education.

  • Mission Frontiers

    Since 1979, Mission Frontiers magazine has been providing subscribers with innovative insights on a wide range of topics from the most creative minds and well-known frontier mission thought leaders.

  • Mundus - Gateway to Missionary Collections in the UK

    The Mundus Gateway is a web-based guide to more than four hundred collections of overseas missionary materials held in the United Kingdom. These materials, comprising the archives of British missionary societies, collections of personal papers, printed matter, photographs, other visual materials and artefacts, are held in a large number of libraries, record offices and other institutions in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

  • Newbigin Resources

    Dedicated to Bishop J.E. Lesslie Newbigin (1909-1998). This site includes the full text of many of his writings, searchable by title, and downloadable as pdf files. It also includes (and will add as they become available) many of his audio lectures, and speeches. In addition, it gives access to a number of significant interactions with his thought.

  • OAlster

    OAIster collects the information which other databases forgot. Indexes collections of documents, pictures, and archives from a huge number of sources. If you need the private letters of an historic missionary, this is the place to look.

  • Oxford Centre for Mission Studies

    OCMS is a key graduate research centre that empowers churches in the global South through training their leaders. Our combination of close student support and flexible residency allows scholars to combine study with ongoing ministry.
    Tel: 01865 556071
  • People Groups

    A site with all the statistics you need about people groups in just about any country of the world.

  • ReThinking Mission

    Rethinking Mission is an international online journal, sponsored by USPG, the United Society Partners in the Gospel. A revitalisation of a paper and online journal, the purpose of Rethinking Mission is to provide a place where voices of the Global South are privileged in the discussion and development of missiology for today.

    Rethinking Mission is a peer-reviewed journal, which promotes rigorous academic debate from the world-wide churches. Articles can be submitted, and will be published online, in English and other languages. In the case of non-English articles, an extended abstract in English will be required to accompany the article.

  • The British & Irish Association for Practical Theology

  • Theological Research Exchange Network (TREN)

    TREN is a US based online listing of over 10,000 theological thesis and dissertation titles. Also included are over 1,000 papers read at annual and regional meetings of the Evangelical Theological Society. A useful resource for missions research or for any other Christian study. You can search the database with any keyword or subject.

  • To Every Tribe

    This website includes some good information and links on tribes and tribal issues for missionaries.