Support & Encouragement

Those providing support and encouragement resources for mission and ministry

  • MissionAssist

    MissionAssist comprises a huge network of dedicated volunteers, throughout the United Kingdom and elsewhere, helping overseas mission workers advance the gospel and make scripture accessible wherever they are in the world.
    Location: Evesham, Worcestershire

    Read advice and responses from real missionaries about real-life issues and challenges in their lives, including support raising.
    Location: St Louis, MO, United States
  • Barnabas International

    A US based organization with a well established reputation of providing encouragement, care and personal development for Christian leaders and missionaries worldwide.
    Location: Elkhorn, WI, United States
  • Living Word Missions

    Living Word Missions was established in 1993 by a mandate from the Lord "to be missionaries to missionaries." LWM provides administrative services for affiliated missionaries. Other services and training opportunities are provided for any full-time Christian missionary currently serving overseas.
    Location: Wilmington, MA, United States
  • MissionaryHelp

    This US based website is a collection of tips, ideas and links to help missionaries.
  • ServantCARE Hospitality Homes in the USA

    US based ministry ServantCARE have an established hospitality network. These are privately owned, smoke free Christian homes made available by those with a heart for hospitality, and a desire to serve those in ministry. Some are available only overnight, while others are available for longer periods of time. Some are small homes with a spare bedroom while others are large and have amenities like pools, game rooms, and libraries.
    Location: Eufaula, AL, United States
  • Syzygy

    Syzygy exists to support mission partners. Our mission is to maximise the effectiveness of mission partners and prevent their premature departure from the their place of service.
    Tel: 07916 708538
    Location: Birmingham
  • Walking With Jesus Ministries

    This New Zealand base ministry is particularly geared towards encouraging those in ministry. The website includes a number of interesting and unusual resources.
    Location: Napier, New Zealand