Support & Encouragement

Those providing support and encouragement resources for mission and ministry

  • MissionAssist


    Read advice and responses from real missionaries about real-life issues and challenges in their lives, including support raising.

  • Barnabas International

    A US based organization with a well established reputation of providing encouragement, care and personal development for Christian leaders and missionaries worldwide.
  • Brigada

    Brigada often has information on resources of use to missionaries. An email version is also available if you have limited Internet access.

  • Living Word Missions

    Living Word Missions was established in 1993 by a mandate from the Lord "to be missionaries to missionaries." LWM provides administrative services for affiliated missionaries. Other services and training opportunities are provided for any full-time Christian missionary currently serving overseas.

  • MissionaryHelp

    This US based website is a collection of tips, ideas and links to help missionaries.

  • ServantCARE Hospitality Homes in the USA

    US based ministry ServantCARE have an established hospitality network. These are privately owned, smoke free Christian homes made available by those with a heart for hospitality, and a desire to serve those in ministry. Some are available only overnight, while others are available for longer periods of time. Some are small homes with a spare bedroom while others are large and have amenities like pools, game rooms, and libraries. Some are immaculate and some are well lived in. Some are remotely located for those who need quiet rest, but most are centrally located to interstates for convenience. All have hosts with open arms and open hearts

  • Syzygy

    Syzygy exists to support mission partners. Our mission is to maximise the effectiveness of mission partners and prevent their premature departure from the their place of service.
    Tel: 07916 708538
  • Walking With Jesus Ministries

    This New Zealand base ministry is particularly geared towards encouraging those in ministry. The website includes a number of interesting and unusual resources.