Miscellaneous Resources

  • Christian Magicians UK

    Christian Magicians UK is a group of Christian entertainers, who use their performing skills to spread the Good News about Jesus Christ.

  • Five Stones Global

    Five Stones Global advocates and equips others for paradigms that encourage local expressions of faith, discipleship, church, and leadership, rather than reflect and unhealthily depend on the culture, heritage, and material resources of the original sending churches. We believe that creating a culture of dignity, sustainability, and multiplication in all stages is necessary.

  • Freedom Publishing

    Freedom Publishing is a full service publisher, in that we publish books under our own name.  Normally an author agrees to purchase a certain number of books at a price that covers the cost of publishing and printing them.  Freedom prints extra copies to sell online and to the bookstore market around the world. We produce information sheets for the trade and our sales team use these to sell  books into bookshops.  On average we look to release 1 or 2 books each month.

  • Tearfund International Learning Zone (Tilz)

    Tearfund is a Christian relief and development agency.All our resources are available to download free of charge including training materials, case studies, Footsteps magazine and more.