Features for 2024

April 2024

For at least the last fifty years we have seen the great commission as more of a task to accomplish than anything else. Brent Fulton, founder of ChinaSource, defines a slightly different mission strategy that's maybe more appropriate for some of today's world.

This revised and updated 2024 edition of the 'Funding the Family Business' workbook looks at biblical principles of giving and receiving, practical steps in partner development and potential pitfalls.

If you or someone in your team has a travel health concern, and would like some advice, then email correspondence with one of Thrive Worldwide's specialist travel health nurses can help turn that doubt into confidence.

A new journal, launched last month, which brings together some of the research and dissertations of MA in Member Care students, in summary article form. 

Would you like to sponsor a section of the OSCAR website? Costs start at just £10 per month for around 250 impressions of your sponsor graphic and 4 referrals (on average). This will raise the profile of your organisation and keep OSCAR online at the same time.

March 2024

Is there a specific mission message in the Easter story? Of course! Ken Midkiff, who has served on a church planting team in Asia for the last 17 years, unpacks why Easter, and in particular the resurrection, matters to those who engage in mission.

Falling Night by Phil Clarke is a powerful and horrifying Christian novel set in the 1990’s. It is a fictional account but grounded in fact as it is based on the author’s experiences in Africa during the 1990’s. Reviewed by Julia Wilson.

Ramadan is expected to start on 10th/11th March. The Pray4Movement website enables you to pick a city, country or people group and sign up to pray for it throughout Ramadan. You can even add your own. 

One of OSCAR's Ministry Resources sections focuses on Mission Research & Study. This includes magazines, journals, organisations and websites which focus on the theology and practice of mission.

If you ever need help with using our site, how to access more functionality, what forms are for what, and our policies are for usage, the Using OSCAR section is the place to go. A quick read will help you make the most out of our online service.

February 2024

As a development worker and missionary, you NEED your free time, but alas… Going back home is not always the answer. Martin & Esther Boogaard, who founded the Emmy Foundation and work in Poland, explain the problem and how best to properly address the need for rest & relaxation.

In 40 tasty, easily digestible bites you can travel around God’s amazing world and pray! This third book in the 40 Days 40 Bites series, compiled by WEC missionary Trudi Parkes, covers an extra twenty countries including Nigeria, Peru, and Israel. It also covers a variety of topics such as ship ministry, earthquakes, and mental health. This family guide to praying for the world will open your eyes to the needs and challenge you to come before God and pray.

Do you need some time out from your ministry? Lent is a good time to do that. Maybe you just need a day to refocus or come aside with God. OSCAR has a huge range of organisations, places and events all helping to provide some form of retreat for those in mission and ministry. Just search for 'Retreat' and see for yourself.

We have updated our Bible Weeks & Festivals page so you can see what's happening across the UK during this year. OSCAR is planning to be at some of these for the first time!

During 2023 our website received 400,000 visits from 240,000 unique visitors (up 30% on the previous year) and advertised 2,390 jobs and opportunities. By the end of the year, we had 691 organisations and churches signed up to one of our three member packages. See our two minute summary video!

January 2024

After all that happened in the world in 2023, we all wonder what 2024 will hold. Compassion UK have compiled together a collection of Bible verses to help you face the New Year with hope and more of God's perspective.

Mission work is rarely about serving in a single context anymore. The mission experience today usually involves many moves with lots of surprises. This free online book from Maxine McDonald of Pioneers is a collection of true stories about the experience of Pioneers' missionaries. 

In January, many people's thoughts turn to holidays. If you're in mission or ministry, you're probably looking for a holiday that's both affordable and conducive to Christians. OSCAR has a list of such locations in the UK for you.

Whether you're looking for a career in Christian or mission work, or looking to change roles within the Christian work sector, OSCAR has it all. We list more jobs for more organisations than any other Christian website in the UK. That's why OSCAR should be your starting place for your search. You can also subscribe to our daily alerts (Saved Search) or our weekly email ('Opportunities Update') for the latest job adverts.

Our new 2024 job pricing and package offerings are now current. Despite this, I think we still offer the best value in the Christian job advertising sector.