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The eBook is designed for those who need a basic framework to organize their financial support and communicate with supporters.
Here's an introduction and some endorsements for this booklet. It goes through 7 keys to unlock your life purpose and help you start living the life you’ve always wanted to live. These keys will first help you discover your design. You will then be able to identify your calling and life purpose.
A summary of this book by Shaun Lambert about the influence of Buddhism on Western culture, psychology and spirituality.
Have you ever wondered how to be resilient in re-entry? I recently did a survey on my blog and the majority of you asked for a guide on how to do re-entry in a healthy, resilient way. So I’m pleased to announce I’ve created this eBook with you in mind to give you the tools to heal and develop resilience in your re-entry transition.
This book is a fascinating insight into one woman's courage and perseverance in a land (Mozambique) traumatized by war and poverty. A 'must' for anyone who has a heart for Africa.
Reviewed by Annette Samsom
"Any individual's search for guidance and information on becoming a cross-cultural worker will be all the richer after reading this book". A review of this book by John McVay. Reviewed by Cheryl Frith.
Reviewed by Cheryl Frith
A review of this devotional book for short-term mission trippers by Jack Hempfling. Reviewed by Ceri Longville.
Reviewed by Ceri Longville
"A hope-filled book which presents challenging topics whilst simultaneously maintaining a light spirit, creating an interesting but easy read". A review of the young adult novel by Mary Weeks Millard. Reviewed by Angelina Kingston-Smith, age 15.
"The book is not an introduction to Islam. It is a book for those who have a passion for the "grace and truth" approach to Christian/Muslim relationships and those who want to understand this school of thought in all its compassionate diversity.". A review of this book which aims to 'uncover the best Christian responses to Islam in Britain', edited by Steve Bell and Colin Chapman. Reviewed by Keith Fraser-Smith.
Reviewed by Keith Fraser-Smith
"It's a light book but with profound themes and it's blogpost style makes it easy to dip in and out of. I would recommend it for anyone who is (or knows) a TCK, as well as those who live between worlds for other reasons". A review of this book on Culture and Belonging by Marilyn Gardner. Reviewed by Suzanne Potter.
Reviewed by Suzanne Potter
"Make no mistake about it, this is a disturbing and challenging book to read... can I simply say that if you are involved in cross-cultural mission work you should read this book". A review of this book about postcolonialism and mission by Jonathan Ingleby. Reviewed by Eddie Arthur.
Reviewed by Eddie Arthur
"This is a book which should be given to all returning missionaries - ideally at least six months before their return. It should also be read by all those at 'home' who can offer help". A review of this book by Marion Knell. Reviewed by Dr. Debbie Hawker.
Reviewed by Dr Debbie Hawker
"I read Carnival Kingdom over a relatively short space of time, but actually there is so much food for thought contained within each chapter that I would recommend a more leisurely stroll, allowing time to think through the themes, ideas and implications explored in each chapter". A review of this book by Hoek, Ingleby, Kingston-Smith and Kingston-Smith. Reviewed by Naomi.
Reviewed by Naomi
"Overall, this is an excellent book for anyone considering cross-cultural mission or wondering how development in resource-poor countries really works". A review of this book by Nick & Ros Henwood. Reviewed by Zoe Burden.
Reviewed by Zoe Burden
A series of Bible passages unpacked to show the Bible’s relevance to environmentalism, and how we can all play our part in limiting the negative effects of climate change.
"Reading R. Scott Rodin's excellent book has been one of my most refreshing and insightful experiences recently". A review of this book by R. Scott Rodin. Reviewed by David J Short.
Reviewed by David J Short
"Short, interesting, and easy to read, this book fills an important gap in the literature for church planters". A review of this book by Martin Otto. Originally published in the July issue of posted with permission.
A review of this book edited by Evert van de Poll and Joanne Appleton
A review of this book looking at mobilising those with disabilities for mission
Reviewed by Tim Wood
"It's a very easy to read and practical book, with an appendix of tools to help you, including spiritual gifts questionnaires, personality tests and study questions".
Reviewed by Mike Frith
This review of Robin Thomson's book was first published at and is reproduced here with permission.
A review of this book by Anna E. Hampton. *Thanks to Kitab for permission to use this summary.
The trials and triumphs of author Caroline Bellew and her family as they pioneered and planted a number of churches in Spain over close to 40 years. Reviewed by Andy Warner.
Reviewed by Andy Warner
Falling Night by Phil Clarke is a powerful and horrifying Christian novel set in the 1990’s. It is a fictional account but grounded in fact as it is based on the author’s experiences in Africa during the 1990’s.
Reviewed by Julia Wilson
"There is some good stuff here; some fantastic stories and with a bit more work, it could have been an excellent book. As it stands, I find it hard to recommend that anyone buy it". A review of this book by James Andrews with Emma Newrick. Reviewed by Eddie Arthur.
Reviewed by Eddie Arthur
A review of this book by Manoj Raithatha
"I think this Bible study book would be useful for anyone preparing to go on the mission field, especially if they are concerned about the struggles they might face". A review of this Bible Study guide by Janice Lemke. Reviewed by Sarah.
"This workbook will be of most help to those who make it their own, working out a plan that suits their circumstances and network of relationships". A review of this book by Myles Wilson. Reviewed by Anthony McKernan.
Reviewed by Anthony McKernan
"One of the most helpful books I have read on mission. I wish I had read something like this before heading off to the mission field myself and would see it almost as required reading for anyone intending to cross cultures to share the gospel". A review of this book by Andy McCullogh. Reviewed by Phil Jolley.
Reviewed by Phil Jolley
Jason Mandryk, the author of Operation World, takes readers through a sweeping overview of the implications of the coronavirus for the global Church, and specifically, its impact on global mission.
Grit to Stay Grace to Go normalizes the challenges of ministry through honest and humorous stories from the authors' own lives as well as testimonies from many other workers. The point is to help cross-cultural workers not just to stay, but to stay well, by countering lies with truth. This workbook provides thoughtful reflection questions, practical action steps, and suggested prayers.
"If you consider yourself a member carer, or if you want to explore any issues related to missionary wellbeing, then this is a great book to have at your fingertip". A review of this member care guide book by Laura Mae Gardner. Reviewed by Mike Frith.
Reviewed by Mike Frith
"An engaging narrative of a 1980's child-hood spent negotiating several different countries and the attendant array of cultures, homes, schools and relationships". A review of this book by Heidi Sand-Hart.
Reviewed by Carol Kingston-Smith
Featuring this new book for team building, by Mark Billage. Mark’s passion is to help realise individuals’ potential, be they leaders or team members, through empowering organisational culture. He has spent 7 years leading an organisation based in the non profit sector.
"This book is highly relevant to everyone whose work involves reaching out to the poor, and working for justice". A review of this book by Andy Matheson. Reviewed by Dr. Debbie Hawker.
Reviewed by Dr Debbie Hawker
An excerpt from this book by Neal Pirolo about relocating refugees. "We are here. We are living among you. The reasons for which we came are diverse. Some are noble; some motives are not so pure. But we are here. What are you going to do with me?" Jesus said, "I was a stranger and you took me in." (Matthew 25:35)
"Timothée challenges us to remember the callings that have been spoken over us and the dreams we have had". A review of this book by Timothee Paton. Reviewed by Lydie Pettifer.
Reviewed by Lydie Pettifer
"This book will serve as a useful tool in the hands of the staff of evangelical Colleges and Mission agencies with responsibility for the selection of candidates". A review of this book by Robin Wells. Reviewed by Rev. Dr. Darrell Jackson.
Reviewed by Rev. Dr. Darrell Jackson
As ministry workers, we too often expect a thriving personal relationship with God to be an outcome of our ministry. Journey With Me illustrates that ministry is the result of the overflow of our relationship with God, rather than vice versa.
A feature of this book on cross cultural marriages by Janet Fraser-Smith. Recommended by Dr. George Verwer.
"Written in simple English, we suspect that Sue Eckert has faithfully recorded, with little artistic licence, his testimony, as it was told her, first hand". A review of this book by Sue Eckert. Reviewed by Nathalie.
Reviewed by Nathalie
A review of this guide by Alexis Kenny
"Be warned - this book is dynamite, blowing excuses and ignorance to smithereens". A review of this book by Marina Prins and Braam Willemse. Reviewed by Joy Piper.
Reviewed by Joy Piper
Review of the book 'Mentoring Conversations: 30 key topics to explore together' by Tony Horsfall.
Reviewed by Dr Aaron Edwards
"The book covers so much ground and provides so many practical tips that even if your church has a well-developed strategy for missionary care, there's probably something here that you can use". A review of this book by David J Wilson. Reviewed by Marti Wade.
Reviewed by Marti Wade
Janet Brown and Ruth MacBean have produced 'mission & me?', a flexible six week course ready to be used in churches to excite, inspire and challenge children & young people and their families, to be involved in God's Mission.
"It is rare for me to find an account that speaks directly to my own practical experience on reaching indigenous African churches". A review of this book edited by Willis Horst, Ute & Frank Paul. Reviewed by Jim Harries.
Reviewed by Jim Harries
"Altogether 'More-with-Less' really does give you something to chew on, in more ways than one". A review of this classic cookbook by Doris Janzen Longacre. Reviewed by Claudia Smith.
Reviewed by Claudia Smith
This new book, by Tim Welch, looks at seventeen alternative missionary financing methods learnt from the Majority World. 
After 43 years in Nepal, this is the autobiography of Val Inchley, published by Onwards and Upwards.
"I have had the privilege of reading much of the text, and it is excellent". A review of this book by Janet Dallman. Reviewed by Tony Horsfall.
Reviewed by Tony Horsfall
A review of this support raising guide by William Dillon
This revised and updated 2024 edition of the 'Funding the Family Business' workbook looks at biblical principles of giving and receiving, practical steps in partner development and potential pitfalls.
Quick read e-book with practical tips for children and pets.
Reviewed by Heather Huber
A Practical Guide for New and Prospective Missionaries
A book to help local church leadership identify, recruit, equip, send and support those called to cross-cultural mission.
Reviewed by Brian Knell
"If you teach, write about or promote Christian mission then this book should be on your shelves and it should be well thumbed". A review of this book by Dean Flemming about the relationship between proclamation and action in Christian mission. Reviewed by Eddie Arthur.
Reviewed by Eddie Arthur
A free online workbook for those tackling reentry after short-term missionary service
"Perhaps everyone should be encouraged to read this book, although it will particularly appeal to those who wish to gain more of a personal, in depth insight into the reality of life for forcibly displaced people". A review of this book by Innocent Magambi. Reviewed by Fiona Poulson.
Reviewed by Fiona Poulson
Tony Horsfall and Debbie Hawker encourage us to develop our resilience and to prepare ourselves for the challenges that life throws at us in an increasingly difficult world.
Reviewed by Phil Jolley
"The insight into the genocide in Rwanda in 1994 and a glimpse of how the people were affected with some real stories is sometimes shocking to read". A review of this biography of Ken Barham by John Miles. Review by Debbie Fitch.
Reviewed by Debbie Fitch
"Searching to Serve is a useful resource for mission organisations as they consider developing their website or other online channels for enquirers". A review of this book by James Nelson with Carla Foote. Review by Mike Frith.
Reviewed by Mike Frith
Adult children of missionaries tell their stories in a new book dealing with joys, grief, faith, cultural adaptation and relationships
Sending missionaries is one of the most important tasks of the church and this book will help you do that right.
"[The book] gives an excellent overview and challenges all Christians to get our minds around the real situation and put our hands to work for those who are vulnerable and in such need". A review of this book by Patrick Johnstone and Dean Merrill. Review by Mike Frith.
Reviewed by Mike Frith
The fourth edition of this practical book. Anyone involved as a missionary or humanitarian in health relief and development could find it useful.
"For every doctor, nurse or other kind of health care worker thinking about working in developing countries, this book is a practical manual to read and take with you". A review of this book by Dr. Ted Lankester. Reviewed by Lianne.
Reviewed by Lianne
"A must have and a must do book for teams who are preparing for short term missions". A review of this workbook by Tim Dearborn. Reviewed by Jaap Jansma.
Reviewed by Jaap Jansma
A review of this book by Debbie Hawker and Tim Herbert
"I look forward to seeing how this book impacts the missions community. If its message is taken to heart it could revitalise individual and organisational lives". A review of this book by Ryan Shaw. Reviewed by Tony Horsfall.
Reviewed by Tony Horsfall
"Within days of starting this book, I was already recommending it to mission workers. This book helps us make the most of our forties and fifties, and prepares us for entering future years well so that the 'second half can be the best half"".A review of this book by Tony Horsfall. Reviewed by Dr. Debbie Hawker.
Reviewed by Dr Debbie Hawker
"This is well researched, well thought through, accessible to those on many levels who want to reach out to the international community around them." A review of this 'How to' guide from, available for Kindle. Reviewed by Steph Rollinson.
Reviewed by Steph Rollinson
"When I first got the book for review, I couldn't put it down. So much so that I thought I would do the review myself which meant I could spend a bit more time in its pages". A review of this book by Patrick Johnstone. Reviewed by Mike Frith.
Reviewed by Mike Frith
A review of this book by Naomi Reed
A book to help churches care for their returning missionaries
"The book is excellent value, something that should be compulsory reading for all travellers but also for those preparing teams and families to go". A review of this new edition of the classic medical guidebook for world travellers by Dr. Ted Lankester. Reviewed by Suzanne Berkeley.
Reviewed by Suzanne Berkeley
"This is not a light read, and whilst being a specialist book for those engaged in the practice of cross-cultural mission, it also serves as a critical study for scholars. It is provocative and sometimes unconventional in its thesis and as such is an important contribution to the reflective study of Western mission in East Africa. "A review of this book by Jim Harries. Reviewed by Andy Kingston-Smith.
Reviewed by Andy Kingston-Smith
A review of this pocket guide by Dr. Ted Lankester
"The book leads readers to a position of deeper faith and obedience to God's call, showing God's glory displayed in seemingly impossible situations, but it also poses many questions to challenge people out of their comfort zones". A review of this book co-edited by Israel Olofinjana, Joel Edwards and Ram Gidoomal. Reviewed by Kathryn Rowe.
Reviewed by Kathryn Rowe
‘Utterly Amazed: Following the call of God in Japan’ tells the story of how former OMF worker Miriam Davis went for two years but stayed on for forty-two, as well as the surprising challenges of retiring to the UK in 2017.
Reviewed by Mike Frith
Great book. Should be on every returners 'reading list' ... has something for all learning styles too.
Reviewed by Rob Jameson
"This book... would be particularly helpful to anyone who is considering working with Muslims or in Muslim lands, long or short term. I would also like to see it used in churches to promote reflection on mission and prayer. The discussion section, in the middle of the book, could be used well in house groups.". A review of this book edited by E J Martin. Reviewed by John.
Reviewed by John
Why God Calls us to Dangerous Places is a collection of testimonies woven together with Bible verses by Kate McCord, looking at what happens when people get called by God to a dangerous place. 
Reviewed by Sarah T
"This is a thoughtful and nourishing book, full of insight into the biblical narrative and into human nature. An excellent book for all engaged in Christian ministry". A review of this book by Tony Horsfall. Reviewed by Sue Ingleby.
Reviewed by Sue Ingleby