Serving as Senders Today

Neal Pirolo

Dr. George Verwer says, “This book and Neal Pirolo came into my life like a tornado from Heaven. I felt then (and still do) that this book has one of the most needed messages for the church. Sending missionaries is one of the most important tasks of the church and this book will help you do that right.” 

Serving As Senders was first published in 1991. Through 16 print runs, eight custom editions and twenty translations, it became the “basic reader” for missionary care. There are a few more than four hundred fifty thousand in print. In 2011, to celebrate its twentieth anniversary, Neal Pirolo did a thorough update, edit and an expansion to include how various ministries and countries have adapted these basic Biblical principles to their specific needs.

As awareness of missionary care has grown in recent years, it has become clear that there are at least four levels of care. The principles of this volume touch primarily on the Personal/Relational Level. The goal is for the missionary to develop a partnership team who share the same vision with him, who have an equal commitment to their God-give task, who focus their energy on that area of care, and who will share the joy of victory through Jesus Christ.

After a careful and prayerful reading of this book, you will be able to go to your missionary friend and say, “I would like to partner with you in (you name the area of care to which God has directed you).” Paul commended the Christians at Philippi with these words: “I rejoice greatly…for you have been partners in the Gospel with me….” As he needed care in six areas, so does every missionary today. You can become personally involved in the missions process as a sender!