Rest & Renewal for Mission Workers

by Martin & Esther Boogaard
Posted on 31st January 2024
As a development worker and missionary, you NEED your free time, but alas… Going back home is not always the answer. Before you know it, you are hard at work in your home country and again… you don’t have time to focus on your goals for the near future, haven’t...

COST: Grants for Mission Trips

by Mike Frith
Posted on 1st December 2023
Did you know there's a trust that gives small grants to those embarking on mission trips, placements or gap years? Christians in Overseas Service Trust (COST) was established in 1972 to assist short term volunteers to obtain initial funding, which enables and facilitates them through the provision of monetary grants. COST...

Crossing Cultures Survey

by Christine Paterson
Posted on 1st November 2023
Christine Paterson from Field Partner International gives us her personal takeaways on a survey they conducted earlier this year amongst cross-cultural Christian workers. At FieldPartner International, we believe that anybody who serves in the field cross-culturally should be properly trained, well-resourced, and wholeheartedly supported by their sending church. We did a...

Single People on Mission

by Sophie Parker
Posted on 1st October 2023
Growing up I had a tendency to think that women on the mission field had no dress sense! Now I am part of that demographic I am beginning to understand that one’s wardrobe gets so full of culturally appropriate clothing that you can risk looking rather dowdy when you get...

Managing Stress

by Helen Calder
Posted on 1st June 2023
A level of stress that gets adrenaline and cortisol going and brings out our best performance is healthy. However in our 21st century world many of us experience undue levels of stress and pressure that make us feel overwhelmed and which need alleviating. It can be unhealthy and unhelpful if...


by Alex Hawke
Posted on 1st April 2023
What if our picture of ministry wasn’t one person in front of a group of 10, 100 or 1000 people but individuals and groups of ordinary Christians released to use their gifts and share the gospel with those around them? It’s not meant to be like Star Wars where there...

Asbury Revival and Mission

by Mike Frith
Posted on 1st March 2023
Have you been following the Asbury outpouring/awakening/revival? Many Christians, particularly across the Western world, have been watching it unfold with interest, wondering about the nature and impact of what's taking place. What does it mean? Will it spread beyond the USA? Will it lead to a renewing of the Church...

Supporting Missionaries at Christmas

by Mike Frith
Posted on 1st December 2022
Christmas is an important time of year for all of us, for spiritual and social reasons. For missionaries or gap year workers it can be a difficult time due to their locations and distance from 'home'. Here are seven suggestions for you if you would like to help them. 1....

Reverse Mission

by Carol K. Luttah
Posted on 1st November 2022
Reverse mission” refers to the sending of missionaries to Europe and North America by churches and Christians from the non-Western world, particularly Africa, Asia and Latin America[1] For this model to work best, the missionaries need to be well educated with a transferable skill that can be utilised to be tentmakers...

I’m not cut out for mission!

by Arab World Ministries
Posted on 28th July 2022
Have you ever felt called to overseas mission but thought you weren’t the right person to go? When thinking about engaging in cross-cultural mission, sometimes we can feel like the biggest barrier is ourselves. It can be so easy to have self-doubt: Am I really cut out for mission? The thought of...
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