This section lists generally mission related events, both in the UK and around the world, that are happening over the next few months. More details of some events can be found at . You can also submit events through that list.

In the UK



All Nations Enquirers' Day Ware, 6 May

Debriefing Training Reading, 7 May

Envision 2019 Bristol, 11 May

Connected in Mission 2019 Bristol, 11 May

WEC Mission Matters Weekend Ulster, 17 May

Big Church Day Out 'Bazaar' West Sussex, 25-26 May

Finance for Ministry Sheffield, 30 May


Mission and Me - Southeast London, 1 Jun

Mission and Me for Artists Portadown, 1 Jun

Missional Geography seminar Nuneaton, 3-7 Jun

Biblical Hebrew Week (beginners) Gloucester, 10-14 Jun

Support Raising for Ministry Sheffield, 11 Jun

'Crossing Cultures' Course Gloucester, 15 Jun

Biblical Hebrew Week (moving on) Gloucester, 17-21 Jun

Refresh Carnforth, 29 Jun - 6 Jul

Summit Carnforth, 29 Jun - 6 Jul


Family Week 1 Carnforth, 6-13 Jul

Retreat Ware, 12-14 Jul

God's Mission for Creation Gloucester, 13 Jul

Family Week 2 Carnforth, 13-20 Jul

Arts for a Better Future Ware, 14-19 Jul

Express (Residential) course Ware, 15-19 Jul

Refresh Ware 15-19 Jul

Vulnerable Children Gloucester, 15-19 Jul

International Youth Week 1 (14-17's) Carnforth, 20-27 Jul

Working with Third-Culture Kids Training Corsham,  21 Jul - 1 Aug

Gender and Mission Gloucester, 22-26 Jul

Social Platforms and Mobile Media training Leeds, 22-26 Jul

WEC Camps for kids - week A Beer & Charmouth, 27 Jul - 3 Aug

International Youth Week 2 (14-17's) Carnforth, 27 Jul - 3 Aug

International Youth Week 3 (14-17's) Carnforth, 27 Jul - 3 Aug

ReKonnect Kids Edale, 29 Jul - 2 Aug

Social Media and Radio Training Leeds, 29 Jul - 2 Aug


WEC Camps for kids - week B Beer & Charmouth, 3-10 Aug

ReKonnect Teens Edale, 4-9 Aug

Family Week 3 Carnforth, 10-17 Aug

Family Week 4 Carnforth, 17-24 Aug

One Parent Family Week Carnforth, 24-31 Aug

Adult Teaching Week (ATW) Carnforth, 31 Aug - 6 Sep


Men's Weekend Carnforth, 6-8 Sep

Operation World Conference, Tamworth, 14 Sep

'All Change' Re-entry Course Gloucester, 21 Sep

Winter School begins Carnforth, 21 Sep - 13 Mar


Mission and Me - Southeast London, 5 Oct


Operation World Conference Leeds, 8-10 Nov


Around the world



'All Change' Re-entry Course, KENYA, 7 May

'Building Your Support Network' Course, KENYA, 8 May

'Crossing Cultures' Course, KENYA, 10 May

'Serving as Senders' Course, KENYA, 11 May

Leadership Matters Course PHILIPPINES, 12-15 May

Family Liaison in a Crisis ONLINE, 15 May

EuroTCK 2019 GERMANY, 20-24 May

Sharpening Your Interpersonal Skills workshop SINGAPORE, 26-31 May

OM Person Care Course HUNGARY 26 May - 2 Jun


Family Liaison in a Crisis Refresher ONLINE, 11 Jun

Leadership Matters Course AUSTRALIA, 16-29 Jun

Breathe Retreat SWITZERLAND, 19-29 Jun

Sharpening Your Interpersonal Skills workshop TAIWAN, 24-28 Jun


Traction SWITZERLAND, 18-24 Sep


Counseling & Member Care Seminar GREECE, 6-18 Oct

Family Liaison in a Crisis ONLINE, 22 Oct


OM's Face to Face course HUNGARY, 15-30 Nov