25 - 29 Jul 2022
Dovedale House
Ashbourne, DE6 2AZ, United Kingdom
Admission: Fee/Ticketed
Duration: More than 1 day
Type: Holiday
Activity: Children & Youth, Hospitality, Member Care, Sports & Leisure
Address: Ilam

Rekonnect Kids Camp, Derbyshire

Re-entry holiday for MKs/TCKs (Age 6-12).

Rekonnect kids camp is 5 days of fun with other kids who have similar experiences.

Kids who have lived all round the world come together in the beautiful Peak District. There is lots of fun, games and laughter. We walk in the countryside, build dens in the woods and follow treasure trails. There is a campfire and a BBQ, football in the large garden, and lots of crafts and games indoors and out.

But we also take time to think about what it is like to say goodbye, to move countries and schools. Kids get an opportunity to reconnect with the UK and with others who ‘get it,’ people who understand the joys and challenges of being a TCK. We use the book of Ruth to see how God is with us through transition and change and to see how we are in good company with God’s people.

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Run by The Sheiling Trust

The Sheiling Trust has been set up to aid Christian education overseas and acts as a channel for gifts to the schools and those connected with them. The Trust also helps to meet expenses in the UK which schools finds difficult to do.
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