Plan and Pack for Your Overseas Move

Carole Hallett Mobbs

Quick read e-book with practical tips for children and pets.

There is a great deal of forethought in this book with many helpful organisational tips. The pet relocation information is detailed and there is a focus on activities to help children adjust to your transition from the time you learn you are leaving until you settle into your new home.  The author is a mother that has extensively prepared for moves from the UK, Japan, Germany, and South Africa back to the UK.

Loads of great ideas to consider and an all in one organisational journal promoted thoughout at £29.99.  A website called is also referred to with additional resources and tips, including a packing list/checklist offered as a free download.  You may also consider joining Carole’s Expatability Club to get ongoing advice from her and others with personal experiences.

More for relocation with considerable paid help and a great deal of time to prepare, especially regarding packing and pets.  Will certainly help point to ideas and obstacles you may not be aware of.  Gives the what, but not necessarily the how, so there will still be more research to do.  One amazing gold nugget she presented that stood out is a list of worldwide emergency numbers that can be found on Wikipedia.

Even if you don’t have a great deal of time to prepare, the lists offered will help you consider all that’s pertinent to your international move.  An excellent place to start your preparations for moving internationally.

Reviewed by Heather Huber

Heather Huber is an international nonprofit consultant.  Her greatest joy comes in connecting people helping the 'least of these' to the resources they need to succeed. She has moved over 40 times, primarily within the United States and twice to Uganda and is currently bouncing around Europe with a suitcase, carry-on and personal items.