Changing the climate: Applying the Bible in a climate emergency

Debbie, David & Jamie Hawker

Our latest book is about creation care and is called 'Changing the climate: Applying the Bible in a climate emergency'. 

It has relevance to mission in several ways. We have included stories from mission agencies around the world who are helping people affected by climate change (e.g. SIM, INF), and mission agencies working to help care for the environment (e.g. A Rocha, BMS, Christian Aid). We hope to raise prayer and support for world mission.

The book is also relevant for TCKs. It is written to be accessible for young people as well as adults (and Jamie, our 14-year-old, is co-author). Many TCKs are very concerned about climate change. A report by Tearfund and Kidscape indicates that some young people are leaving the church because the church does not take these issues seriously. We hope to help them see how the Bible is relevant to their concerns. 

Climate change now comes into geography and science lessons. We hope the book will help those who are home-schooling, and teachers, to grasp these issues. 

The book also provides an opportunity for evangalism. We have been giving copies away to young people who don't attend church but are interested in climate issues, and we have had good feedback. The book begins with the parable of the prodigal son and is full of Bible passages, referring to every book in the Bible. We have been told that it is not 'preachy' and appeals to people who do not yet consider themselves to have a Christian faith.

The book can be used in family devotions and by home groups, and youth groups, as well as by individuals. It is a workbook with questions for reflection.