Global Humility: Attitudes for Mission

Andy McCullough

This is one of the most helpful books I have read on mission. I wish I had read something like this before heading off to the mission field myself and would see it almost as required reading for anyone intending to cross cultures to share the gospel, even if that means staying in your own country but crossing the street to relate to someone from another culture. It is the sort of book that mission agencies' recruitment panels should require all potential candidates to read before setting off to do God's work!

In just over 200 pages, Andy McCullough challenges the reader to approach mission, indeed living as a Christian in the world itself, with humility at several levels, from assumptions about world view through language, morality, culture, leadership models and much else. He helps us to see that everything we take to be 'normal' because of the western culture we swim in like fish in the water, has to be re-evaluated when we enter another's world. The arrogance and implicit superiority that says "I have something that you need" needs to be tempered with a humble willingness to learn first, to empty oneself as Christ did, and give with grace born out of that learning.

It is evident from the examples used that the author has wide and relevant experience of what he speaks, as well as the ability to distil significant research and reading on many of the topics covered into short, provocative chapters that stimulate thought, prayer and reflection and often left me wanting more. As a result, I can't praise this book highly enough and am sure to return to it again and again.

Reviewed by Phil Jolley

Phil Jolley works for European Christian Mission International. Previously based in Spain, he now works in the International office as Director of Finance and Administration.