Serving God in a Migrant Crisis

Patrick Johnstone and Dean Merrill

'Serving God in a Migrant Crisis' starts with an overview of what's going on in the world in some of the more 'challenging' situations (in solid statistical terms, as you would expect) and then expands on some of the key reasons why people leave. Throughout this there's a process of self-examination, allowing the reader to compare attitudes towards those who arrive from 'other places' with some of the realities they have faced. Biblical and historical examples of migration help paint a picture of people through history, including people of God, often on the move and a realisation that few of us truely belong where we are. The final section highlights various things we can do as individuals, churches, agencies or the whole Christian community, to reach out to those who arrive in our communities or who are still on their migrant journey. Each of the twelve chapters comes with a set of 'Ask Yourself' questions making it ideal for personal reflection or group discussion. Whilst it doesn't tackle the complexities of any individual situation, it gives an excellent overview and challenges all Christians to get our minds around the real situation and put our hands to work for those who are vulnerable and in such need.

Reviewed by Mike Frith

Mike Frith is the Founding Director of OSCAR. Prior to starting OSCAR, he worked as a pilot/engineer with Mission Aviation Fellowship where he spent time living in the USA, France, Switzerland, Madagascar and Uganda. He has been involved in working with, supporting, training and resourcing cross-cultural workers for over 25 years. He is married to Cheryl and they have two grown up children, Joanna and Will.