The Reentry Team

Neal Pirolo

THE REENTRY TEAM: Caring For Your Returning Missionaries, in Part I, first establishes the joint responsibility for missionary care between the church and the mission agency. Chapter 2 lays a clear five-point Scriptural pattern for successful reentry. That is quickly followed with discussion of the "human dilemma" which makes it so difficult to follow that pattern. Part II is comprised of 70--good and not-so-good--stories written by returning missionaries. Commentary follows each story to help the reader first identify with the situation, then second, translate the solutions into help for his own returning missionary friend. Part III contains several general articles of value and a reference section. Consider what Peter Jordan, author of "Re-Entry - Making the Transition from Missions to Life at Home" said about the book: "THE REENTRY TEAM is a 'must read' for church leaders and laymen alike. Its practical wisdom and touchingly true-to-life stories will, without condemnation, assist the church in receiving back the ones they have sent out. The results? Healthy returnees will make enormous contributions to body life at home, the church will be blessed and built up, and world missions will go forward." 

'I enjoyed and at the same time found disturbing, the re-entry book as, not having worked overseas myself, I had not fully recognised the number and variety of the re-entry problems. The book was written in an easy to read format and is one I would recommend to all people who have contact with returning Mission Personnel.' Cath Mawson, BMS World Mission Coordinator for North England.