Love Across Latitudes

Janet Fraser-Smith

Text, stories and questions for those who choose a life partner coming from a culture or social grouping other than their own.
This book will help you explore who you are as individuals, your own backgrounds and that of your families and cultures. It also encourages you to look ahead at communication challenges, your conflict patterns and some of the choices that occur during the life time of married life.

We hope you will get this book into the hands of anyone thinking about marriage, especially those going into international and cross-cultural marriages. We have used this book in OM for many years to help prepare couples entering cross cultural marriages. Many couples dream of a life in missions together, but for many that dream does not come true. Financially, mission life is demanding. Often the couples have not counted the cost of the thousands of miles between their home countries where their parents and loved ones are and the cost of travel in visiting. When their mission dream collapses and they return, they sometimes have trouble finding a job or it is hard to re-enter life at home and their church situation. Hearts break, marriages break and children are impacted. So you can understand why we believe this important book is a must read!

Dr George Verwer, Founder, Operation Mobilisation