Finding Strength for the Journey

Janice Lemke

This is a book of 30 bible studies by a lady who went with her husband and children to the Ukraine as missionaries. It accompanies her book "Five loaves and Two Bowls of Borsche" but each Bible study starts with a relevant passage from the book to illustrate a particular situation so you do not need to have read the book.

The series of studies is a very honest look at the adjustments and struggles the family went through in the Ukraine during their first term. Some books that I have read are inspiring and encouraging because of the joy and excitement of living for Jesus they write about. I grabbed this Bible study book because I think it will help to keep me going when things get tough, reminding me that others have gone through real difficulties and how God worked through those situations. Although Janice is very honest about their struggles, she keeps coming back to God's word and her relationship with him.

I think this Bible study book would be useful for anyone preparing to go on the mission field, especially if they are concerned about the struggles they might face. I think it would also be useful for a couple or a group to work through as it would help people share their concerns and be encouraged by God's word together. I think it would be useful at any level of experience, as preparation or encouragement once you are on the field. As a taster, some of the chapter titles include, "Trusting God with the Unknown", "Following God to Uncomfortable Places", Finding Rest: Laying Loads at His Feet".

The reviewer, Sarah, is a student at Redcliffe College with her husband, Mike and their two daughters. They hope to go to East Asia with OMF International in July 2008.