On Call

Val Inchley OBE

This is an autobiography of Val Inchley OBE. Born in the middle of an air raid, Val's life began with a bang, and she has been living in the fast lane ever since. Aged ten, she became a Christian at a beach mission, and then at twenty-one she committed the unforgivable sin (as defined only by her parents on that occasion). In 1967 she graduated (with honours) in Medicine from the University of Liverpool and the following year God called her to work in Nepal. Scared stiff of spiders and hopeless at languages, she was an unlikely mission recruit, but - to everyone's great surpise - in 1996 Val was awarded an OBE for 'services to the British community and health care in Nepal'. During 43 years in that amazing country (many aspects of which are described in the book), she filled a multitude of medical roles before starting Bible Yatra Nepal, a Bible training organisation, and then pioneering work amongst Nepali migrants, especially in SE Asia and the Middle East. Now 're-tyred', she lives in Sutton Coldfield, UK and is involved with Nepali migrants and her local church, whilst also remaining in touch with many Nepali friends.