The Plum Tree in the Desert

Naomi Reed

This is the latest "history" book from Interserve telling stories of Interserve partners of all nationalities continuing to serve in hard places sharing the gospel in wholistic mission. Interserve Partners are caring for homeless in Central Asia, setting up healthcare practices specialising in dentistry that are self-supporting - with a high percentage of free patients, and revolutionising cross-cultural evangelism in the UK. In this case by using a 'from the bottom up' principle getting 'pew-fillers' trained to reach-out, rather than expecting an employed specialist/expert to do it on behalf of a Church fellowship. In each case the author visited each of the ten partners/partner couples on-site or otherwise, we hear their stories, their challenges, their sorrows and how they were led to be there. With some of the stories I too have felt the tears shed by Interserve partners, and the heart-warming glow when you rejoice in seeing God at work through His servants. But most of all, this book also shows why Interserve was founded, how it developed, and goes onto reveal case stories of what Interserve is doing now - still working on the edge of society from its' Indian Zenana roots to today's Arab and Asian world demographic. If you want to be inspired to pray, serve or go, then get a copy and dip into the lives of those who have already followed their calling!