I See You

Mark Billage

Teams – when they work well there seems to be nothing they can’t achieve and leading them is a joy. When things are not working well, teams can be places of low performance, low morale, and leading them can be exhausting. Who sets the team culture? In an increasingly complex and uncertain world, how do you as a leader build a culture that enables the team to maximise its potential?

If you:

  • Want your team to be fit for the challenges of the 21st century
  • Wonder what or who is getting in the way of achieving higher team performance
  • Want to raise your game as a leader and create a culture in which your team can bring their best
  • Want to see productivity, innovation, creativity and collaboration become the norm

then I See You will help you achieve this. Teams like this do not happen by accident. I See You has been written to provide leaders with practical, applicable principles to help you meet these challenges. The content additionally addresses leading teams in the non-profit sector, like charities, and the specific matters more distinctive to cause-based organisations.

As a leader your success lies in the success of others. Those you lead. As a leader your best is expressed as you unlock the potential and equip those around you. When they shine, you shine; when the team succeeds, you succeed. If your team is going to reach the kind of performance and productivity it can, you must intentionally build a team culture which enables that to happen. If you are open to a change of view, I See You has powerful content to help you. Enjoy the journey.