Faith in the Land of the Matador

Caroline Bellew

This book is not so much a story as a collection of testimonies of how God can (and does!) work miraculously, using ordinary people like you and me, and in this case Caroline Bellew and her family, to carry out His mission. Not only are we led to consider some of the adventures of one family´s church planting exploits in Spain during the post-Franco years, but also to reflect on some of the big faith questions that so many of us are likely to ask: What do you want from me, Lord? Why am I here? How on earth are you going to fix this mess?

Revealing her doubts and fears, Caroline shares her own personal journey of faith through the numerous vivid encounters with people from all walks of life, as she goes about the work that the Lord has called her to. We travel with her as she adjusts to the specific challenges of life and ministry in Spain, being regularly reminded that God´s plans are so much bigger than ours, and that He guides, provides, protects and works as we turn and trust in Him.

We are not given a blue-print for church planting (or indeed what life should look like for every believer). However, we are left amazed, encouraged and inspired to join in with the ´Leader of the Mission´ and His purposes in and through our own lives.

Reviewed by Andy Warner

Andy, with his wife Andrea and their two children, lives in Castellón on the East coast of Spain where he leads a bilingual (English and Spanish) community of God-worshippers with a very international and student-friendly flavour.