Carnival Kingdom

Marijke Hoek, Jonathan Ingleby, Carol Kingston-Smith, and Andy Kingston-Smith

In his forward to Carnival Kingdom, Joel Edwards comments that as Christians, "We talk about justification, but seldom about justice. People are more likely to associate us with 'sin' than 'redemption' ".I think this is quite a fair and accurate assessment, which is why Carnival Kingdom is so valuable for the church today.

There is a wealth of topics discussed - from 'Shire Justice' (yes, that's 'Shire' as in Frodo, Sam and friends), to examining the Dalit plight in India, to thinking through the effects of climate change, migration and the role of Business as Mission to name but a few. In examining these diverse areas, the writers of Carnival Kingdom give us working examples of how "(the) Kingdom of God speaks into and calls for the renewal and restoration of our societies".

I read Carnival Kingdom over a relatively short space of time, but actually there is so much food for thought contained within each chapter that I would recommend a more leisurely stroll, allowing time to think through the themes, ideas and implications explored in each chapter.

Reviewed by Naomi

Naomi is a former student of Redcliffe College and is hoping to serve God in East Asia with her husband in the near future.