Africa Hears With Her Eyes

Jill Kinsey

This book is a fascinating insight into one woman's courage and perseverance in a land traumatized by war and poverty. Jill Kinsey brings to life the people who live in a small town in Mozambique in the 1990's. She describes with love and humour the many children she admits to her children's home and how she is able to change their lives. whilst living in primitive, often dangerous, conditions in the African bush. She identifies herself as a black woman living in a white woman's body. She bravely unfolds her own sullied past and the meeting which changed her life and brought her back to Africa. Well written but unfortunately not illustrated with photo's.

Reviewed by Annette Samsom

An English nurse and midwife, who  for many years has lived in the Netherlands married to a Dutch doctor after having worked in England and Canada. Introduced to Africa by Jill Kinsey 15 years’ ago, she has made many visits to Lesotho where the Super Granny, described in this book, is now living and continuing to serve disadvantaged children affected by the HIV AIDS pandemic.