In His Image: Understanding and Embracing the Poor

Andy Matheson

This book is highly relevant to everyone whose work involves reaching out to the poor, and working for justice. It is written very clearly, and is based on the fact that we are all made in God's image, and so we should aim to relate to people as individuals, not just as part of our project.

As well as discussing holistic ministry, the book covers many other topics such as working with other ministries (rather than seeing them as competition); prayer; empowerment; receiving, and celebration. I believe that if we followed the principles in this book, we would see more satisfied mission workers, more effective ministry, more hope, and fewer cases of division, exhaustion and burnout.

Moreover, I believe God will be glorified as we work for justice, following the principles described in this book.

If you are involved with helping people prepare for mission, including short-term mission, this would be a great book to recommend - to help make their ministry more effective.

For those who will be working outside the UK and USA, the author is willing to provide copies at the much reduced price of £4 per book (plus postage) to organisations/ churches/ colleges who order 10 or more copies (Email: A fabulous investment, as we seek to follow Jesus' teaching.

Reviewed by Dr Debbie Hawker

Debbie and her husband David are Christian clinical psychologists who specialize in offering help to missionaries and their families. They are based in the Midlands (England). They can be contacted by email: