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A summary of this book by Shaun Lambert about the influence of Buddhism on Western culture, psychology and spirituality.
"The book is not an introduction to Islam. It is a book for those who have a passion for the "grace and truth" approach to Christian/Muslim relationships and those who want to understand this school of thought in all its compassionate diversity.". A review of this book which aims to 'uncover the best Christian responses to Islam in Britain', edited by Steve Bell and Colin Chapman. Reviewed by Keith Fraser-Smith.
Reviewed by Keith Fraser-Smith
This review of Robin Thomson's book was first published at http://saf.eauk.org/SouthAsianForum/engaging-with-hindus.cfm and is reproduced here with permission.
"There is some good stuff here; some fantastic stories and with a bit more work, it could have been an excellent book. As it stands, I find it hard to recommend that anyone buy it". A review of this book by James Andrews with Emma Newrick. Reviewed by Eddie Arthur.
Reviewed by Eddie Arthur
"This book... would be particularly helpful to anyone who is considering working with Muslims or in Muslim lands, long or short term. I would also like to see it used in churches to promote reflection on mission and prayer. The discussion section, in the middle of the book, could be used well in house groups.". A review of this book edited by E J Martin. Reviewed by John.
Reviewed by John
  • Al Massira

    Al Massira is a course which aims to take small groups of friends on a similar journey to discover answers that are relevant for today's world and reveal the true identity of the Messiah. For existing friendship groups, which can include both inquirers and Christians. Presenting the Christian faith through a chronological overview of the Bible. Centres the Christian faith in its original Middle Eastern context. Includes a variety of integrated activities: viewing the films, open discussion, prayer, food and companionship.

  • Answering Islam

    Christian answers to Muslim objections and questions. Sections in English and 28 other languages.

  • Applied Biblical Christianity

    ABC members come from many ethnic backgrounds. We are united with the purpose of seeing the gospel be brought to Muslims through our personal witness and our encouragement and facilitating of neighbourhood evangelism by local churches
    Tel: 0208 534 3373
  • Biblical Missiology

    Muslim evangelism methodology, contextualization, etc.

  • Encountering Islam

    Encountering the World of Islam guides you on a journey into the lives of Muslims around the world, and in your neighbourhood. Through this comprehensive collection, you will learn about Muhammad and the history of Islam. Gain insight into today's conflicts and dispel western fears and myths. Discover the frustrations and desires of Muslims and learn how to pray for and befriend them. Encountering the World of Islam provides a positive, balanced, and biblical perspective on God's heart for Muslims and equips you to reach out to them in Christ's love.

  • Kitab

    Kitab is the provider of books, literature, cds and dvds in more than 35 languages to help serve Christians in their outreach to peoples of other faiths
    Tel: 01908 552714
  • Reaching The Nations Among Us

    A resource site for materials such as the multi-language Jesus Film DVD.

  • Real Honour

    A hub for Muslims who have decided to leave Islam and follow Jesus Christ.

  • The Muslim-Christian Debate Website

    This site is owned by the Hyde Park Christian fellowship - an informal network of Christian researchers in the UK, whose primary interest is the academic study of all issues relevant to Islam and Christianity. The site provides a repository for articles and papers of particular interest to the UK situation, but which will also be useful to those elsewhere. It aims to stimulate genuine debate between Christians and Muslims on a wide range of topics.

  • The Right Way

    The Right Way is unique in that it is led by Christians who have a Muslim background. We call them MBBs (Muslim background believers). The Right Way works to build-up and to strengthen the MBBs in their new found faith and walk with Jesus Christ.
    Tel: 07803503202
  • Theology Degrees Online - 101 Top World Religions Twitter Feeds

    A great piece of content for theologians and others interested in religion as a way to learn about other faiths. Each twitter feed on this list contributes a wealth of good will and positive expression about their respective religion.