Refugees and Asylum Seekers

Resources for those wanting to reach out to refugees and asylum seekers.

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"Don't be a stranger." Many of us will have said this affectionately to our families and friends. But Jesus doesn't ask us just to love those we would naturally share our lives with. Instead, he challenges us to re-evaluate who our neighbours are and to welcome those we consider to be...
A call to stop for the one, living a life of intimacy with Jesus each day We are called to love. We are called to be loved. To be so loved by Jesus, that his love overflows out of us to those who we encounter. We are called to be Jesus'...
The headlines may have calmed down for a while, but the tragedy remains. Millions of people are on the move worldwide, many of them displaced people fleeing war, violence, religious persecution, economic poverty, or political chaos. The migrant crisis is bigger now than ever before, with some sixty million men, women,...
Perhaps I jumped on a bandwagon, perhaps I followed my heart, perhaps I responded to a call of God. Either way, one weekend in early November I found myself meeting extraordinary people as I travelled through Afghanistan, Eritrea, Sudan, Iran, Syria - or so it seemed. And all by crossing...
When a neighbour asked me to teach English to her son I said yes. I soon realised in the lesson that I hadn't got a clue where to start....' This is a common experience for the eager volunteer English teacher who soon finds that pitching lessons at the right level, sourcing...
The Bible teaches that one of God’s tests for a just society is the way that society treats immigrants. In Leviticus, God’s people were clearly instructed: “‘When a foreigner resides among you in your land, do not mistreat them. The foreigner residing among you must be treated as your native-born....

Book Reviews

"Perhaps everyone should be encouraged to read this book, although it will particularly appeal to those who wish to gain more of a personal, in depth insight into the reality of life for forcibly displaced people". A review of this book by Innocent Magambi. Reviewed by Fiona Poulson.
Reviewed by Fiona Poulson
An excerpt from this book by Neal Pirolo about relocating refugees. "We are here. We are living among you. The reasons for which we came are diverse. Some are noble; some motives are not so pure. But we are here. What are you going to do with me?" Jesus said, "I was a stranger and you took me in." (Matthew 25:35)
"This is well researched, well thought through, accessible to those on many levels who want to reach out to the international community around them." A review of this 'How to' guide from, available for Kindle. Reviewed by Steph Rollinson.
Reviewed by Steph Rollinson
  • Refugee and Asylum Seeker Health Course

    This one-day course offers an introduction to the key health, system, and spiritual problems faced by refugees and asylum seekers. The aim of the day is to equip Christian healthcare practitioners and others to respond to common presentations encountered in daily practice within a UK health setting. The programme is practical and interactive, led by doctors, nurses and others working in this field.
  • 2:19

    2:19 exists to help local churches embrace the nations by promoting Christian engagement between members of local churches and the international people in their communities.
  • Boaz Trust

    The Boaz Trust is a Christian charity serving destitute asylum seekers and refugees in Greater Manchester.
    Tel: 0161 202 1056
    Location: Manchester, Gt Manchester
  • HowWillTheyHear

    #HowWillTheyHear mobilises Christians to partner with churches to share the gospel with migrants and refugees across the UK, Europe & Middle East.
  • Upbeat Communities

    We are a Christian charity that exists to help refugees settle and rebuild their lives in the UK. We want to see strangers become neighbours.
    Tel: 01332 916150
    Location: Derby, Derbyshire
  • Welcome Churches

    WELCOME CHURCHES' vision is for every refugee in the UK to be welcomed by their local church.
    Tel: 01332 498041
    Location: Pride Park, Derby