Miscellaneous Resources

Any resources which don't naturally fit into other categories

  • Brigada

    Brigada often has information on resources of use to missionaries. An email version is also available if you have limited Internet access.
  • Christian Magicians UK

    Christian Magicians UK is a group of Christian entertainers, who use their performing skills to spread the Good News about Jesus Christ.
    Location: Reigate
  • Five Stones Global

    Five Stones Global advocates and equips others for paradigms that encourage local expressions of faith, discipleship, church, and leadership, rather than reflect and unhealthily depend on the culture, heritage, and material resources of the original sending churches. We believe that creating a culture of dignity, sustainability, and multiplication in all stages is necessary.
    Location: MN, United States
  • Mission Hits

    'Mission Hits' is a fortnightly collection of links to stimulating and significant online resources related to God's worldwide people and God's worldwide mission.
  • Peace Pursuit

    The Peace Pursuit Model provides biblical and user-friendly tools to help Christians take clear steps toward appropriate confession and forgiveness between two people.
    Location: United States