Expat Resources

This section includes resources not necessarily specifically aimed at Christians or from a Christian source, but useful to those working cross-culturally.

  • Aetna Destination Guides for Expats

    Aetna International are an international health insurance company based in the US which provides health benefits to expats across the globe. They've also created a bunch of useful destination guides packed with information for soon-to-be expats.
  • AXA Global Healthcare

    We’re AXA – Global Healthcare, and we’re experts when it comes to healthcare around the world. We use AXA’s resources around the world to help our members access quality medical care whenever they need it.
    Tel: 01892 503 856
    Location: Tunbridge Wells, Kent
  • British Overseas NGOs for Development (BOND)

    BOND is the United Kingdom's broadest network of voluntary organisations working in international development.
    Location: London
  • Britishexpat.com

    Britishexpat.com is a free online magazine for British expats.
  • Expat Country Guides

    Three UK removals companies: Armishaws Removals, Schepens Removals and Over's Removals have each created guides for expats for moving to various countries.

    Website: www.armishaws.com/european-removals/ 

    (France, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Cyprus, Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, Portugal, Jersey & Guernsey, Netherlands & Holland)

    Website: https://www.armishaws.com/international-removals

    (America, Canada, New Zealand, & Australia)

    Website: www.schepens.co.uk/expat+country+guides (France & Germany)

  • Friendship coach for expats

    I'm Sarah, the only friendship coach for expats. I will help you to meet like minded people, form deep connections and maintain friendships with my simple 3 step process. Because life without friends sucks!
    Location: London
  • Health Books International

    We send health / medical books and information to people around the world to improve health in developing countries. Our resources are available through our shop by mail order and as downloads. We choose materials that are specially written for use in developing countries.
    Location: Rugby, Warwickshire
  • Hesperian

    Several excellent community health publications can be downloaded for free from this site.
    Location: Oakland, CA, United States
  • iExpats

    Our mission is to assist expats in optimising their finances by providing up-to-date financial news and information from around the world.
  • Kwintessential

    Kwintessential are a UK based Christian owned company who provide information and services to the international business community on cross-cultural issues and translation.
    Tel: 01460 279 900
    Location: London