Christian E-books

  • Christian Classics Ethereal Library

    A library of Classic Christian books in electronic format.
  • Devotional Books by Madeleine McClintock

    Books by Madeleine McClintock available books on Amazon in print and on kindle:

    1. The Relevance of the Old Testament to Everyday Life (Short courses for small groups book 2)
    2. Becoming Disciples  (Short courses for small groups book 3)   
    3. Who He is, who we are  (Short courses for small groups book 4)
    4. Reflective Challenges from the Lord's prayer. 
    5. What is Prophecy, Can I prophesy? 
    6. Let's have fun together. Help we've got children in the church! The Lord's prayer (A book to help teachers with small groups of children in church).
  • New Life Mission

    NLM has about 45 Christian e-book titles available FREE for PC-Book Reader or Acrobat Reader. Printed books are also available FREE in several languages.
    Location: Seoul, Korea, Republic of