Evangelism Resources

Evangelism resources of possible interest to mission personnel.

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Have you ever thought about putting on a T-shirt with the words "Talk to me I'm a Christian" and then sitting on a seat in a busy shopping centre, with an empty chair beside you... what do you think would happen? Do you think anyone would come? This is what...
  • Al Massira

    Al Massira is a course which aims to take small groups of friends on a similar journey to discover answers that are relevant for today's world and reveal the true identity of the Messiah. For existing friendship groups, which can include both inquirers and Christians. Presenting the Christian faith through a chronological overview of the Bible. Centres the Christian faith in its original Middle Eastern context.
    Location: London
  • Alpha

    The Alpha course is running in 169 countries and 112 languages. Over 27 million people have done Alpha. You can find a course or use Alpha resources for evangelism in your location.
    Location: Brompton, London