Pioneer Church Planting

This section has information on training resources for pioneer church planting.

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It has been exciting to see a surge in church planting happening around the world. I believe that planting churches, or should I say, planting churches well, is probably the most effective strategy for reaching those without Christ that there has ever been. Now that you know I’m pro-church planting,...

Book Reviews

"Short, interesting, and easy to read, this book fills an important gap in the literature for church planters". A review of this book by Martin Otto. Originally published in the July issue of posted with permission.
A review of this book edited by Evert van de Poll and Joanne Appleton
The trials and triumphs of author Caroline Bellew and her family as they pioneered and planted a number of churches in Spain over close to 40 years. Reviewed by Andy Warner.
Reviewed by Andy Warner
  • Pioneer Mission Leadership Training

    The Pioneer Mission Leadership Training Course is for dreamers, doers, imaginers, activists, in other words, pioneers. It offers a variety of pathways, from individual modules to doctoral research programmes. 
    Tel: 01865 787400
    Location: Oxford
  • Amnos Ministries

    We aim to equip God’s people with pastoral training and experience through practical evangelism so that the body of Christ is established and grown, and local communities are transformed by the gospel of Jesus Christ.
    Tel: 01277 376239
    Location: Brentwood, Essex
  • Fresh Expressions

    Fresh Expressions seeks to transform communities and individuals through championing, resourcing and multiplying new ways of being church. We work with Christians from a broad range of denominations and traditions.
    Tel: 0300 365 0563
    Location: Northampton, Northamptonshire
  • Fruitful Practices

    Fruitful Practices” are activities and behaviours which multiple church planters have discovered are effective at producing the spiritual fruit of new believers, healthy discipleship communities and reproducing fellowships of believers.
    This course is based on the experience of hundreds of field workers, and on the foundation of scripture. Although the research was done among people working in Muslim societies, the principles are applicable to most pioneer church planting situations.
  • Rural Ministries

    We exist to provide support, guidance and renewed energy for churches and pioneers working in rural communities across the UK.
    Tel: 01763 878539
    Location: Royston