Pioneer Church Planting

This section has information on training resources for pioneer church planting.

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It has been exciting to see a surge in church planting happening around the world. I believe that planting churches, or should I say, planting churches well, is probably the most effective strategy for reaching those without Christ that there has ever been. Now that you know I’m pro-church planting,...

Book Reviews

"Short, interesting, and easy to read, this book fills an important gap in the literature for church planters". A review of this book by Martin Otto. Originally published in the July issue of posted with permission.
A review of this book edited by Evert van de Poll and Joanne Appleton
The trials and triumphs of author Caroline Bellew and her family as they pioneered and planted a number of churches in Spain over close to 40 years. Reviewed by Andy Warner.
Reviewed by Andy Warner