Support Roles

This section lists the different ways through which you can support world mission.

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1 December, AD 51 Dear Paul, Silas, and Timothy, Greetings from Antioch. We trust you are well and that your ministry in Corinth is also continuing well. Our mission committee met last week to discuss your work, and we have decided to discontinue the annual support that we have been sending for...
World evangelisation is primarily the responsibility of the local church. It is not the responsibility of denominations, agencies or individual Christians - although, of course, they have a key role to play. It is the local congregation that God has called into being as the primary vehicle for representing him...
21 Easy Ways to Introduce Your Friends to the Nations (and Five Ways to Ensure They Stay Away) We all feel it, don't we? You experience something beautiful, cool, or amazing, and you've just got to share it with someone. Maybe it's a book, place, thought, or discovery. Whatever, you want...
They were so vulnerable and wounded, barely able to make eye contact. They'd gone overseas directly after college, bright with hope and the thrill of obedience. And here they were, three years later, looking so lost and alone, feeling all the weight of their supposed failure. When missionaries come off the...
OSCAR's offices are based at Redcliffe College, a mission training college where I studied. So I always really enjoy seeing old friends return for visits and catching up on what they have been doing in the country they've been called to. It can be challenging too: How do we catch...
At the start of the modern Mission movement some 200 years ago, few would have anticipated the worldwide Christian presence that we see today. Neither would they have believed the enormous changes that have taken place in technology, culture, communication, travel etc. They, however, took the timeless imperative of the...
1. Child sponsorship Children relate to other children and many sponsorship programmes offer opportunities to write, share photos and express generosity. Linking up with similar aged children of missionaries you know might also be a possibility. 2. Let them see the need Giving them first-hand experience of the needs of others. Perhaps...
So, what is the ideal supporter like? What would be in a job specification for the ideal supporter? To get an insight into how the job was viewed at the outset of the church's missionary endeavours, we need to go back to the beginning. Paul's letter to the Philippians was...
I grew up in a church that believed in missions. Pictures of families in far-away placed lined our foyer wall. Each had their names, country of ministry and the amount of money we were giving. When a missionary came to our church (not very often because of our small size),...
Christmas is an important time of year for all of us, for spiritual and social reasons. For missionaries or gap year workers it can be a difficult time due to their locations and distance from 'home'. Here are seven suggestions for you if you would like to help them. 1....

Book Reviews

"Be warned - this book is dynamite, blowing excuses and ignorance to smithereens". A review of this book by Marina Prins and Braam Willemse. Reviewed by Joy Piper.
Reviewed by Joy Piper
Sending missionaries is one of the most important tasks of the church and this book will help you do that right.
  • OSCAR's Serving as Senders Course

    Serving as Senders is aimed at those individuals and churches who want to support missionaries working overseas. Regular courses are held around the UK and Mike Frith is also willing to come to your church and conduct a weekend or day course on this theme. A one hour overview is also available.


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