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This section has information on training, orientation & development services for missions, including courses, advice and resources.

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With All Nations and Redcliffe coming together (see the press release) and with the current COVID-19 crisis, we asked Martin Hickey, Head of Communications for All Nations Christian College, to reflect on mission training in and beyond the COVID-19 crisis. Like many other colleges and universities, mission colleges have been driven online during...
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  • Children Belong In Families--Online Webinar with Rok Kern

    If you and your team and church is looking for a webinar to help you to understand more the current trend of orphanages globally and identifying the difference approaches to care for vulnerable children and dig deeper into why family is the best place for them to grow up.

    Sign up now to this webinar by emailing to our team leader at, or visit our website to book your space or if you have any questions.
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