This section has information and resources about different forms of communication as they relate to missionaries and overseas Christian workers.

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We picked up that Hannah Coggins, mission teacher in Madagascar, undertook a technology fast when she first arrived on the field. We were keen to find out what this involved, the reasons behind it and the benefits realised. Hannah writes "Yes, we did a 3 month tech fast, although here...
If you are involved with Christian work, either mission or church based, there comes a time when it's necessary to keep supporters up to date with what's happening. Whilst modern technology provides various ways of communicating, it still means that most people send a regular form of newsletter. Whilst some...
Keeping supporters informed and up to date is a vital but often neglected job of a missionary. Here are some top tips on newsletter writing, along with a review of some electronic distribution methods. Top Ten Tips: 1. Tell people about yourself, not just your ministry. 2. Gospel ministry is not a marketing...
  • Getting Your Message Across

    A resource sheet from Stewardship about how to communicate with your supporters.
  • Perfect Messaging

    Do you need support with your content and communications? Perfect Messaging offers professional content creation, proofreading and copy editing services. Don't leave it to chance. Ensure great content every time to help you meet your ministry's mission.
    Tel: 07887 515751
    Location: Hoddesdon, Herts
  • Write Interesting Newsletters Course

    This course enables you to write compelling letters that communicate quickly, connect to the heart, and bring better support.
    Location: United States