Worldwide Email Providers

A list of worldwide email providers


    PACTEC provides assistance to PVOs, NGOs, and national government ministries to establish or improve two-way communication where reliable telephone service is unavailable. PACTEC will purchase, install, and maintain HF and VHF communications networks to agency specifications. PACTEC also can provide training to local people to provide for on going operation and maintenance to communications system.
    Location: Nampa, ID, United States
  • UUPlus

    UUPlus provides fast, reliable and easy-to-use e-mail over satellite phones, cellular phones, HF radios, and long distance terrestrial phone lines. UUPlus reduces connected time by combining email messages into a single file and compressing prior to transfer. E-mail is then transferred over an aggressive but error tolerant protocol developed and optimized specifically for satellite, cellular, and HF links.

    Location: Los Osos, CA, United States