PC to Phone Services

Use your computer as a phone with these services

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Email has had an enormous impact upon the global missions community. Urgent prayer requests can circle the globe and mobilise thousands even millions to intercession in an instant. Up to the minute reports and praise items can be shared in a missionaries home sending church saving £'s on phone calls...
  • MyWebCalls

    Access this easy to use PC to phone service offering competitive prices. Make worldwide calls, set up an account and use the dialler to place Internet telephone calls.
  • Net2Phone

    Net2Phone's suite of services offers PC-to-Phone, PC-to-Fax, and voice mail all integrated into one easy to use product. These services are yours when you download the Net2Phone software onto your PC-it's FREE software!

  • Skype

    Skype provide a means to use your PC to call a regular phoneline.
  • Truphone

    Truphone provide cheap calls using VoIP.
    Location: London