Donate Or Collect Items For Mission

Donate your household items to raise money for mission:

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1. Child sponsorship Children relate to other children and many sponsorship programmes offer opportunities to write, share photos and express generosity. Linking up with similar aged children of missionaries you know might also be a possibility. 2. Let them see the need Giving them first-hand experience of the needs of others. Perhaps...
Whitefield Christian Trust helps long term overseas missionaries with housing on their return to the UK. Having been operational for almost 30 years we have assisted more than 40 people and currently have investments in 28 houses and flats. Houses cost a lot of money but we have received a...

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  • Collect postcards plus airline & airport publicity items to support missions

    Wanted - Picture postcards old or new, used or unused. Also airline & airport publicity items (timetables etc.). To raise funds for MAF - Mission Aviation Fellowship.
  • Auctions for Christian Mission

    Auctions for Christian Mission is Charitable Trust dedicated to supporting Christian organisations at home and abroad. It was founded in 1969. Items sold by auction are donated to raise funds for Christian charities worldwide.
    Tel: 01923 836634
    Location: Northwood, Middlesex
  • Betel Businesses

    Betel residents work in businesses to raise funds for Betel's ministry, namely:
    Furniture repair, Restoration and Upholstery, House Removals and Clearances, Garden Maintenance and Landscaping, Tree Surgery, Retail Sales, Catering.
  • Book Aid Charitable Trust

    Book Aid Charitable Trust was set up in order to make large shipments of new and secondhand Christian books and Bibles to needy areas. In particular Book Aid supports Christian bookshops, mainly in Africa, Asia and the Caribbean.
    Tel: 020 8778 2145
    Location: Sydenham, London
  • Collect postcards, stamps or coins to support missions

    Mission organisations which collect postcards, stamps or coins:

    Mission Aviation Felowship



    Tools with a Mission

  • Donate your old mobile phones etc

    Many mission organisations run a recycle programme for these sorts of items to raise funds. Contact your favourite mission to ask if they do.
  • Reconditioning phones for mission

    Donate your old phone. We've created Discover App and the Light Bible to help end scripture poverty. One person with a smart phone can run multiple Discovery Groups. They can share Bible audio files via WhatsApp and Bluetooth with others - even to non-smart phones. Every single device can make a difference.
  • Tools With A Mission

    Our mission is to collect unwanted tools, refurbish them, sort them into trade kits and send them across the world. We send around 20 containers filled with over 300 tonnes of tools every year.
    Tel: 01473 210220
    Location: Ipswich, Suffolk