Legacy Matters

by Peter Hellawell
Posted on 1st November 2020

Whitefield Christian Trust helps long term overseas missionaries with housing on their return to the UK. Having been operational for almost 30 years we have assisted more than 40 people and currently have investments in 28 houses and flats. Houses cost a lot of money but we have received a number of legacies over the years including homes in Dorset, Lancashire, Buckinghamshire, Mid Glamorgan, East and West Sussex and numerous small legacies.

Leaving legacies to charity can reduce the overall Inheritance Tax on an estate so increasing the residue for beneficiaries.

For those who can, do consider leaving your property to Whitefield Christian Trust. Legacies both big and small are a vital source of funds for small charities like ourselves, trying to find large sums of money for houses. Help to fund housing for retiring Christian workers and missionaries.

Where there's a will - there's a way.

Why not write something into your will or use a codicil to amend an existing will.

Here are a few things to think about:
- see a solicitor who will help you word your will correctly
- protect your assets and help reduce the impact on your loved ones
- consider leaving a gift (large or small) to Whitefield Christian Trust CIO.

See our guide to including WCT in your will at https://www.whitefieldchristiantrust.co.uk/Assets/april_2020_will_form.pdf

As well as being a trustee of the Whitefield Christian Trust, Peter is a retired accountant and is involved with his local church.