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OSCAR is mostly, but not exclusively, aimed at UK Christians, whether they are based in the UK or around the world. More specifically, OSCAR is useful for:

  • Christian and mission workers on the frontline.
  • Christians open to the possibility of serving God in mission or ministry.
  • Christian and mission workers recently returned from their place of work.
  • Supporters of Christian and mission workers and mission in general.
  • Non-UK Christians coming to the UK as Christian workers.
  • Anyone responsible for 'resourcing' any of the above.

If your work or interest falls into one or more of these categories, OSCAR is designed to take the 'leg work' out of finding related information. It helps you locate the organisations, services and resources you need and puts you in complete control of managing your own situation, whether you're a frontline worker, supporter or enquirer. This unique 'portal' is designed to empower you and save you much time, energy and money!

Alongside our online services, OSCAR also provides various training and exhibition services.

Upcoming Events:

'All Change' Re-entry Course

24 Sep 2022, 10am-4pm | Online (Zoom)
This day course provides a 'toolkit' for mission workers returning from overseas, to prepare them for and help them through re-entry, and for those giving pastoral care to returnees. Led by Mike Frith, Director of OSCAR.

Event Details

Admission: Fee/Ticketed
Online: Yes (Zoom)
Type(s): Training
Duration: 3 hours to 1 day
Activity: Education & Training, Health & Medical, Member Care
Run by: OSCAR


  • OSCAR's Opportunities Location Search

    You can type a country or region into the keyword search box of OSCAR's opportunities section to find out what openings, and hence which organisations, are in that area.
  • Mission Guest Houses Worldwide

    OSCAR holds a list of mission guest houses around the world. The latest version was released in 2018. If you would like a copy of this list, please contact us explaining your mission credentials and we will email it to you.
    Tel: 0300 121 0585
    Location: Gloucester, Gloucs.
  • OSCAR's 'Serving as Senders' Course

    Serving as Senders is aimed at those individuals and churches who want to support missionaries working overseas. Regular courses are held around the UK and Mike Frith is also willing to come to your church and conduct a weekend or day course on this theme. A one hour overview is also available.
    Tel: 0300 121 0585
    Location: Gloucester, Gloucs.
  • OSCAR at Christian Events

    OSCAR hosts a mission advice and opportunities exhibition stand at many of the UK's large Christian events. If you're attending these events, come and visit us and we will help you explore your calling and vocation. If you're running an event, why not invite us to bring our stand to your event?
    Tel: 0300 121 0585
  • CU Missions Roadshow

    This roadshow focusing on opportunities in mission visits various College Christian Union meetings throughout the UK during the college year. The Roadshow often comprises of a missions speaker, interviews with short- and long-term missionaries, a presentation, advisors, books, free literature and information. Email for upcoming events or if you would like to host such an event at your CU.
    Tel: 0300 121 0585
    Listed in: Enquirer Events
  • Mission Enquirer Days

    These are one day conferences for students, professionals, senders and supporters and are designed to help those who want to work overseas or creatively support mission workers. The day often includes speakers, seminars, exhibition displays, video, bookstall and interviews. Email for any upcoming events or if you would like to host such an event in your area.
    Tel: 0300 121 0585
    Listed in: Enquirer Events
  • OSCAR's 'Crossing Cultures' Course

    Crossing Cultures is a one day course for people moving into a different culture. It helps them prepare for and cope better with the initial transition time. OSCAR runs various preparation and orientation courses on demand, and occasionally at different locations around the UK. Training can be tailored to suit the timing and circumstances of individuals or teams, which is particularly useful for those who don't feel that any other solution fits.
    Tel: 0300 121 0585
    Location: Gloucester, Gloucs.
  • OSCAR's 'All Change' Re-entry Course

    OSCAR runs regular re-entry days in Gloucester and occasionally other locations. Bespoke training is also available for individuals or teams, which are particularly useful for those who don't feel that any other solution fits their timing and circumstances.
    Tel: 0300 121 0585
    Location: Gloucester, Gloucs.
  • OSCAR's Re-entry & Debriefing Service

    This is a bespoke service and gives you a chance to explore and talk through the opportunities and challenges of returning to your home country after a period of mission service. OSCAR can 'tailor-make' a short programme to suit your particular needs. This may include a formal debriefing in addition to more informal guidance and information on re-entry issues - from both a spiritual and practical perspective. Professional counselling for individuals and couples is available.
    Tel: 0300 121 0585
    Location: Gloucester, Gloucs.
  • OSCARactive Prayer Requests

    Post your prayer requests here to have other mission-minded people pray for them.
    Listed in: Prayer Resources
  • OSCAR's Job Opportunities Database

    A recent survey revealed that OSCAR receives more traffic than any other UK Christian jobs website. We also advertise opportunities for a broader range of organisations than any other Christian site on the Web in the UK. Opportunities submitted to OSCAR also get advertised through various other services and websites.
  • OSCAR's 'Building Your Support Network' Course

    Training in building a team who will help support your ministry. Mike Frith, who delivers this training, has been a trainer with Stewardship for ten years.
    Location: Gloucester, Gloucs.
  • OSCAR's 'British Culture Orientation' Course

    A one day orientation course for those from other cultures coming to minister/work in the UK.
    Tel: 0300 121 0585
    Location: Gloucester, Gloucs.
  • Funding for TCK Counselling

    OSCAR has set up a fund to provide small bursaries for TCK’s requiring counselling or transition assistance. It is generally for those who have limited access to this kind of support (i.e. not provided by their organisation) and very limited financial resources. If you would like to apply, please contact OSCAR with a few details about what you need.
    Tel: 0300 121 0585
    Listed in: Children's Welfare