Support Raising Courses

Training and development for personal support raising

  • OSCAR's 'Building Your Support Network' Course

    Training in building a team who will help support your ministry. Mike Frith, who delivers this training, has been a trainer with Stewardship for ten years.
    Location: Gloucester, Gloucs.
  • Stewardship's Support Raising Training

    Our training is for those who receive their personal support for ministry into either their Stewardship Partner Account for Individuals or their organisation’s Stewardship Partner Account for Churches or Charities.

    The training is made up of six sessions over three weeks. We know you will have more questions once you get going after the training. So we offer an optional one-hour follow-up session one month later where you can bring your questions and concerns.
  • Fundraising for Missionaries

    Free online course taking 6-12 hours.
  • Relational

    Information on relational fundraising, an online course, a 4-day workshop on personal support raising including a trainer's day, and other helpful resources. From the YWAM stable.
    Location: Netherlands
  • Support Raising on the Field

    In this workshop Callie Buchholtz introduces you to a three step process called the “Ongoing Increase Stategy” that is ideal for people who have a support team and are on the field. Based on relationship and without being smarmy, she shows you how you can raise support in a way that works with your schedule without taking all of your time.