This section has information about the various UK insurance schemes that are tailored for Christian workers and those on mission trips.

Global or Local Insurance?

Some long term missionaries have found it better to get insurance locally when they're on the field. It's usually cheaper and specifically covers that country. Then they get short-term insurance whenever they travel outside that country (like for holidays or home assignment).

Advice on specific insurance issues

OSCARactive, our online community, has a group called 'Insurance for Mission' set up to offer advice to anyone with specific questions about insurance.

European health insurance card

Some medical cover in the EEA or Switzerland can be obtained with a European health insurance card. This replaces the old E111 form. One important thing to remember is that the EIHC will not cover the cost of getting you home if you are seriously ill or injured.

It's worth noting that some other countries (most notably Australia, Barbados, Czech Republic and New Zealand) have a 'reciprocal agreement' with the UK which gives you the right to the same medical treatment that citizens of these countries receive. For more information, see Medical Facilities and Doctors.

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