Support Raising Resources

Resources to help with personal support raising

  • A New Look at Missionary Support, International Training Partners

    This website has an article that looks at raising support for missionaries.
    Location: Colorado Springs, CO, United States

    Read advice and responses from real missionaries about real-life issues and challenges in their lives, including support raising.
    Location: St Louis, MO, United States
  • DCI Global Partnership Money Forum

    This forum has some good information about raising support.
    Location: Nottingham
  • Ergatas

    Ergatas is a place to find and partner with missionaries raising support. Missionaries create profiles describing their ministries, others search to find missionaries whose ministries fit what they are passionate about. Our goal is both to help missionaries get funded and into their fields, and to engage more Christians in missions through partnership. Currently limited to missionaries from US based organisations.
  • Five Two Foundation 'GrassRoot'

    Five Two allows you to quickly and easily create an online giving page with individual projects. Add your logo and link it to your web domain (if desired) and a PayPal account. Gifts can be received worldwide and a % of each is collected as payment.
    Location: Seoul, Korea, Republic of
  • Relational

    Information on relational fundraising, an online course, a 4-day workshop on personal support raising including a trainer's day, and other helpful resources. From the YWAM stable.
    Location: Netherlands
  • Southern Nazarene University 'Mission Trip Support Raising' by Howard Culbertson

    This is a brief outline for developing a support raising strategy. There is also a PowerPoint presentation on raising support, some fund raising ideas for short term trips and some sample fundraising letters.
    Location: Bethany, OK, United States
  • Traidmission

    Traidmission, based in New Zealand, exists to help those who are in a position to help others, to complement existing programs and add experience and expertise to those who wish to develop new projects. They can help and advise on fundraising.
    Location: Hamilton, New Zealand