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The eBook is designed for those who need a basic framework to organize their financial support and communicate with supporters.
"This workbook will be of most help to those who make it their own, working out a plan that suits their circumstances and network of relationships". A review of this book by Myles Wilson. Reviewed by Anthony McKernan.
Reviewed by Anthony McKernan
A review of this support raising guide by William Dillon
  • Friend Raising

    by Betty Barnett (£7.99, ISBN: 1576582833)

    Friend Raising brings together God's plan for missions support with principles proven in the field. The book focuses on the practical pillars of lasting support raising: intimacy in relationships, interdependence, mutual love and sharing, bearing one another's burdens, generosity, communication, and prayer with promises. The latest edition was released in 2012.
  • Getting Sent: A Relational Approach to Support Raising

    by Peter Sommer (£12.53, ISBN: 0830822186)
    This down-to-earth handbook offers a clear, biblical perspective gives step-by-step instructions on how to assemble the tools unique to each person's support-raising task. The latest edition was released in 2009.
  • People Raising

    by William P. Dillon (£12.99, ISBN: 0802464483)
    This book deserves a mention because of the impact it has had on many missionaries raising support. The latest edition was released in 2012. For a review of this book, go to People Raising.
    Location: Des Plaines, IL, United States
  • Personal Support Matters

    by Claire Niclasen and Myles Wilson (£15.99, ISBN: 9781399970303)
    This revised and updated 2024 edition of the 'Funding the Family Business' workbook looks at biblical principles of giving and receiving, practical steps in partner development and potential pitfalls.

    'Funding the Family Business' by Myles Wilson (£15.99, ISBN: 0955332001)
    First published in 2006, this support raising workbook is aimed at those in the UK raising their own personal support.
    Location: City of London, London