OSCAR Training

We have a variety of courses, workshops and seminars available to churches, groups, organisations or individuals. To enquire further, discuss possibilities or to obtain a quote, please Email us. You can also Email us to book for individual places on most existing courses.

We have partnered with a large range of Christian organisations and churches to deliver training in a huge variety of situations and locations (in the UK and outside). In particular, we partner with the following organaisations to provide regular training: Stewardship, The Salvation Army, SWAN

Courses & Seminars:


Serving as Senders (1 day or 1/2 day summary or series of 3 evenings)

For those in sending churches and supportive individuals, who wish to care more effectively for their mission partners and friends

sas logoThis seminar is run in partnership with local churches and can be conducted anywhere in the UK. The programme can be 'tailor made'. The material is loosely based on the 'Serving as Senders' book by Neal Pirolo, one of the most positively reviewed mission books of the last 30 years.

Subjects usually of interest are:

  • The biblical basis of mission
  • The role of the local church
  • The importance of 'senders' & who sends them
  • Pastoral care of overseas workers
  • Understanding the strains and stresses of missionary life
  • Support at important times: leaving home, furlough, re-entry
  • Special needs of single workers and of missionary families
  • Creative ways to keep in touch
  • Effective prayer and financial support
  • Effective mission committees
  • Resources for senders and supporters

Optional sessions:

  • Motivation for mission (being part of the bigger picture)
  • Mission needs and opportunities
  • Missionary selection

The course is led informally with a mixture of straight forward teaching and group participation. A comprehensive booklet of notes is provided and engaging visuals accompany each topic.

Where time allows, the day includes group discussion, case studies and time to ask questions. It is sometimes possible to swap in some of the optional sessions within the programme depending on the needs of the participants.

It could be that your church is large enough to run a day for your own people. Church leaders, those involved on the Mission Committee, friends and relatives of mission workers, link people etc. would all benefit from the course. An alternative is for a church to host a course and invite other churches in the locality to join them.

"Thank you so much for your input today. We found the course extremely helpful and stimulating, and hope it will lead to us 'moving to the next stage' in how our church partners with, and cares for, it's missionaries. The materials were most helpful and I'm sure the website will prove so also." Tom Thorpe, St Andrew's Church, Leyland.

"It was a really great day. I think people felt inspired and equipped to better support our mission partners." Caroline Burns, St Barnabas, Woodside Park, London.

"It was stimulating and challenging about how to get your church interested in overseas mission, something I'd been trying to do for some time. No one else had so many ideas or was so creative and it was all so interesting and inspiring ... the best missionary day I had been to."
Lenora Priestley, Christian Institute Church, Oswaldtwistle

Upcoming Courses open to outside bookings

  • 23 Mar 2019 in Leyland, Lancs. More details soon.


All Change (1 day)

New Directions (2-3 day or weekend)

Re-entry Course/Retreat for mission workers returning to the UK and those who support them.

This can be run as a day training course (All Change) or a 2-3 day course/retreat (New Directions) with plenty of space to reflect.

The day sessions provide a 'toolkit' for mission workers just returned from overseas, to prepare them for re-entry. Useful for those recently returned as well as those giving pastoral care to returnees.

The retreat sessions include teaching, reflective activities and plenty of discussion and interaction. A booklet of handouts accompanies both courses.

Topics covered include:

  • What is Re-entry?
  • Transition, Change and Loss
  • Changes in Church & Society
  • Readjustment
  • Re-entry Resources

There is the opportunity to tackle other practical subjects, as needed, drawing on the knowledge and expertise of OSCAR.

"the All Change course is a vital resource for returning missionaries and mission leaders" Jonathan Winter, course participant

Upcoming Courses open to outside bookings

  • All Change - 26 Jan 2019 in Gloucester. Cost £45. Book here


Re-entry & Debriefing Service

This is a bespoke service and gives you a chance to explore and talk through the opportunities and challenges of returning to your home country after a period of mission service. OSCAR can 'tailor-make' a short programme to suit your particular needs. This may include a formal debriefing in addition to more informal guidance and information on re-entry issues - from both a spiritual and practical perspective. Professional counselling for individuals and couples is available.

Most people come for an initial morning or afternoon session, with around one and a half hours each on debrief and re-entry issues. Following this you are welcome to return for further guidance, counselling or retreat time. There are some costs associated with this service. We can discuss these details with you further.

If you would like more information about this service then please contact us.

Crossing Cultures (1 day)*

Ready Steady Go (flexible)

Preparation for cross-cultural ministry overseas

This includes a large range of orientation topics which can be customised to any situation and need. It could be a basic evening or half-day programme for church teams or individuals going on short-term mission, or it could be a more in depth course over several days for those going longer term (i.e. gap years).

Topics available include:

  • Understanding Culture & Worldview*
  • Adaptation and Culture Shock*
  • Cross-cultural Communication*
  • The Bible & Culture
  • Identification & Lifestyle
  • Development & Mission
  • The Future of Mission
  • Understanding Myself & Others
  • Pastoral Care Issues
  • Staying Healthy
  • Listening Skills
  • Work/Life Balance
  • Maintaining & Developing your walk with God
  • Singles, Marrieds, Families & Children

There is the opportunity to tackle other practical subjects, as needed, drawing on the knowledge and expertise of OSCAR.

Upcoming Courses open to outside bookings


British Culture Orientation

Orientation for those from overseas coming to minister/work in the UK

Topics covered include:

  • Understanding Culture
  • Introduction to British Culture
  • Transition & Change
  • Cultural Adaptation

There is the opportunity to tackle other practical subjects, as needed, drawing on the knowledge and expertise of OSCAR.



This is a brief presentation looking at world mission resources on the Internet using the OSCAR website. It covers areas of interest for potential, current and former overseas workers, world mission supporters and those who care for mission workers in any way. This can be tailored to the group depending on whether they are mission personnel, supporters or those with a general interest in world mission.

Lasts approximately 1 hour, depending on what's required.

Makes use of a computer and projector which can both be supplied.


Finance for Ministry

Training in personal support raising, starting with the Biblical basis of living on support through to the practicalities of building up a support team of churches and individuals who will help finance your ministry. OSCAR partners with Stewardship to offer this training.

Upcoming Courses open to outside bookings


Any church, organisation or group can request a tailor made programme to suit its needs, anywhere in the UK (or overseas). If you have a rough idea of what you want we will happily give you a quote. Course venue, accommodation and refreshments/meals are usually the responsibility of the group requesting the course. Occasionally others who run courses open them up for participants from outside. Contact us to enquire about other courses already booked with us.

What have folks said about previous courses we have run?

'I found it a very helpful day and the feedback from other Mission Board members was similarly positive.' MW, Cardiff
'I found yesterday extremely helpful. It was great to be in the room of people that are also experiencing some of the same emotions relating to culture shock, and to be reminded that was it normal. Mike was great. I really appreciated the day.' Matt
'I have to admit, that I have expected something totally different and we both were much surprised in very positive way. It was great time of not only retreat and relax but very useful as now we know, what we are going through and what we can expect. It was very encouraging and I already find out the information at OSCAR web page very useful as well. Big THANKS to you and to everyone who prepared such a great event.' Petre
'Thank you for making it so engaging and interesting.  We've been inspired to think how we can do things better as a result.'
'In all honesty, I was dragging my feet going and kicking my heels leaving. I don't like conferences, training sessions, seminars, etc. as they always feel a distraction and a detraction from my primary calling, but this one was golden. Your way of leading showed a pastor's heart, skill and Kingdom-orientation.'
'It was a really great day. I think people felt inspired and equipped to better support our mission partners.'
'Good! Mike was able to select bits for emphasis so very relevant'
'Mike was an excellent presenter, engaging and humourous - not an easy task'
'It was clear, user friendly, practical, relevant, concise, inspiring and all very helpful'
'Excellent - well planned and put together'
'Very stimulating and challenging ... very glad I came'
'Very, very helpful, now and in the future'
'Excellent handouts'
'I found the course exceptional'
'We really enjoyed the day and learnt so much from it'
'We believe the challenge and reminder was straight from the heart of God'
'There was plenty of food for thought, and it was very useful to meet up with the other families who had also returned just recently and to hear of their experiences.'

'We found it helpful to stay over the night after the course partly for practical reasons but also as it gave us the opportunity to process and discuss what we had heard/learnt during the day away from the long to do lists, family interruptions and the telephone. The length of the course was great for us. Leaving two boys who were also in transition with family or friends who they barely knew for a longer period of time was not something we wanted to do. It was an oasis in the chaos of re-entry to take a breath and perhaps get a glimpse of the bigger picture and assurance that successful re-entry is a possibility. Having others on the course at a similar stage helped us to know some of the issues we were facing were 'normal' and in some cases helped us see that our situation was better than others (we had a rented house and I had a job). Perhaps because of how I learn I found the diagrams very helpful, particularly the transition curve. I still remember the 'dip of depression' as I called it and even highlighted it on the calendar as a warning! It's a great course. My push for writing this is that I'm mentoring someone who has gone through several major transitions in recent years (not mission related) but looking at the material you provided there is lots to identify with in it for her situation too. So thank you ... There is life after re-entry!'
Giles & Annie Roberts, former Crosslinks mission partners

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