A list of Christian organisations and individuals who provide some form of debriefing services for those who return from their place of work.

  • OSCAR's Re-entry & Debriefing Service

    This is a bespoke service and gives you a chance to explore and talk through the opportunities and challenges of returning to your home country after a period of mission service. OSCAR can 'tailor-make' a short programme to suit your particular needs. This may include a formal debriefing in addition to more informal guidance and information on re-entry issues - from both a spiritual and practical perspective. These can be conducted in-person or online.
    Tel: 0300 121 0585
    Location: Gloucester, Gloucs.
  • Jennifer Snelling Coaching, Debriefing and Training

    Coaching, debriefing and training for individuals and teams working cross-culturally. Focus areas include supporting individuals / teams navigating cultural differences and helping leaders with a coaching-style approach to leadership.
    Location: Exeter
  • Thrive Worldwide Psychosocial Debrief

    A safe space with a trained therapist for a group or individual to reflect on and process thoughts and feelings following a work trip.
    Can be done online or face-to-face in London or Nairobi.
    Takes 60 mins, or longer if needed.
    Location: Marlow, Buckinghamshire
  • Arrest Reviews & Debriefing - Debbie & David Hawker

    We provide reviews for people who have returned from an assignment, and during home assignment.
    Usually this takes the form of a three-hour confidential face-to-face debriefing.
    We debrief individuals, couples, families and groups following routine assignments, and also where there have been critical incidents.
    Can also be done online.
    See website for costs.
    Location: Long Eaton, Notts
  • Catalyst Ministries Debriefing

    We provide a completely confidential, independent listening ear at any stage of your missionary life and debriefing via phone or Zoom, on a donation basis. It is always our priority to create a safe space for people to share without fear or shame. You are not alone. We care. Please don’t hesitate to contact us.
    Location: Wales
  • Claudia Smith Mission Support

    I specialise in providing counselling and support for mission personnel. If you are preparing to relocate overseas, returning from an overseas assignment or struggling with life on the mission field. Counselling and having specific time to prepare psychologically for an overseas assignment can help improve your ability to land more smoothly in your life overseas, return to your passport county with less of a bump or help you to adjust and improve the quality of cross-cultural living.
    Location: Redhill, Surrey
  • Field Life, Malaysia

    Field Life offers care, coaching, and a guest house for global workers. Our guesthouse is in Malaysia and our work is done online and in-person as needed.
    Location: Malaysia
  • Fiona Dunkley

    Fiona is a Senior Accredited British Association of Counselling & Psychotherapy (BACP) Trauma Specialist and Counsellor with over 15 years' experience. She offers counselling in Walton-on-Thames, Weybridge and Hersham areas and carries out some work in Central London. Fiona also offers remote sessions and has travelled globally supporting aid workers. She uses techniques such as EMDR & CBT.
    Tel: 07791 798 334
    Location: Walton on Thames, Surrey
  • Global Trellis Annual Debrief Course

    The Annual Debrief course is a comprehensive self-debriefing course for cross-cultural workers to be able to debrief anywhere, any time, and for a reasonable cost. With a time commitment of two hours a day for 7 days or an intensive weekend, you can debrief the past 12 months and prepare for the next 12.
  • HealthLink360 Personal & Post Deployment Review

    This is an unhurried, confidential time with an experienced therapist in which to reflect on the overseas experience, including work, relationships, and issues faced. It is both structured and client-focused and aims to strengthen psychological wellbeing. Normally, no report is sent to the agency unless requested by the client. Takes 90 minutes but can be extended if there are specific needs. A 45 min review is available for children.
    Location: Carberry, Musselburgh
  • Heilbronn MemberCare Center

    Intercultural competence, Psychological therapy, Membercare experience, Mediation and skills of conflict management, Counseling and supervision abilities, Spiritual and theological resources, Organizational development consulting, Coaching.
    Tel: ++49 177 3644 150
    Location: Obersulm, Heilbronn, Germany
  • High Meadow Retreat Post-assignment debrief

    Debriefing is a space to tell your story and process recent events to make sense of them and come to terms with their impact on you. It provides space to reflect on past experience and glean wisdom for the future. This is especially helpful for people who have been through a recent transition or significant event.
    2 hours a day of consulting over 5 days of residential.
  • John Steley

    I am a Christian Psychologist based in London. I have worked with church, Christian mission, and overseas aid staff for many years. My experience also includes work in NHS and forensic settings. I am very willing to provide debriefing for those who request this. I am registered as a Counselling Psychologist with the UK HCPC and am a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society.
    Tel: 0775 622 7610
    Location: London
  • New Song Christian Counseling

    We provide counseling support and missionary care to equip the saints so they can fulfill their calling to the fullest. It is our goal to come alongside individuals so they can be cared for spiritually and emotionally and thus be better equipped.
    Location: Malaga, Andalusia, Spain
  • Olive Tree Counseling, Antalya

    We provide intensive Christian counseling for cross-cultural workers so you can increasingly experience God’s transformation, wholeness and peace.
    Tel: +90 (532) 057 33 45
    Location: Antalya, Turkey
  • Penhurst Personal Debriefing

    We offer individuals or couples an opportunity to reflect on and talk about their experiences in ministry. We believe that you are in ministry if you are actively engaged in `meeting people where they are and helping them to get to where God wants them to be`. We recognise that some of us are called to minster in our home countries and others are called to do this overseas.
    Location: nr Battle, East Sussex
  • Refresh International

    Refresh International offers debriefing for missionaries, aid workers, people in ministry and other cross-cultural workers. See our website for more information. Based in North Wales.
    Location: Llandudno, Conwy
  • Rev Dr Colin Lamb Counselling

    Colin has many years of experience in mission and missionary training with NTM and also as a Pastor. He offers counselling, supervision, and Member care of Pastors and Missionaries including debriefing.
    Tel: 01472 827242
    Location: Grimsby, Lincs
  • Tributary Retreat

    For Global Workers to find the rest and soul care they need to help them remember their calling, to be healthy and effective. Seven cabins on 175 acres in the beautiful Buffalo River area of the Ozark Mountains for rest, prayer, coaching, or debriefing.
    Tel: +12252453030
    Location: Buffalo River, Arkansas, United States
  • Valeo (formerly Godspeed Resources Connection)

    Our primary services are counseling and psychiatry delivered online anywhere in the world (outside of the U.S.) where there is internet access. We serve clients all over Asia, Africa, Europe, and South America.
    Location: Columbia, SC, United States