Children's Welfare

This section includes information on Children's welfare issues as they relate to well-being, health, safety etc.

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If you have a toddler or young child and you've moved overseas, you might have learned (as I am learning) that the adage that kids are resilient doesn't mean that change doesn't cost them. Most children might be generally adaptable, but many are firmly attached to valued routines and known,...
Taking your family overseas provides many benefits, and presents many challenges. The key to maximising the positives and anticipating problems lies in AWARENESS, which comes through good preparation before ever leaving your home country. "The key to maximising the positives and anticipating problems lies in AWARENESS" So how can you and your...
Arriving at Heathrow airport at 6 o'clock in the morning and being swooped up in a hug by a grandmother I hardly know.... Walking in Maasailand scrub and seeing an antelope grazing five metres away from me.... Sitting in an aeroplane, waving goodbye to friends I might never see again....rushing...

Book Reviews

"It's a light book but with profound themes and it's blogpost style makes it easy to dip in and out of. I would recommend it for anyone who is (or knows) a TCK, as well as those who live between worlds for other reasons". A review of this book on Culture and Belonging by Marilyn Gardner. Reviewed by Suzanne Potter.
Reviewed by Suzanne Potter
"An engaging narrative of a 1980's child-hood spent negotiating several different countries and the attendant array of cultures, homes, schools and relationships". A review of this book by Heidi Sand-Hart.
Reviewed by Carol Kingston-Smith
  • Funding for TCK Counselling

    OSCAR has set up a fund to provide small bursaries for TCK’s requiring counselling or transition assistance. It is generally for those who have limited access to this kind of support (i.e. not provided by their organisation) and very limited financial resources. If you would like to apply, please contact OSCAR with a few details about what you need.
    Tel: 0300 121 0585
  • Child Safety & Protection Network

    The Child Safety & Protection Network is a collaborative network of mission agencies, faith based NGOs and international Christian schools intentionally and strategically addressing the issues of child protection.
    Location: Bausman, PA
  • Childnet International

    Childnet is a website for the general public run by Christians. It has links to lots of good resources for kids and info on Internet safety.
    Tel: 020 7639 6967
    Location: London
  • EuroTCK

    EuroTCK is a Christian faith based pan-European working group for those interested in TCK issues. It is a sub-network of the European Evangelical Mission Association (EEMA) and comes under their structure and authority.
  • Global Trellis

    Global Trellis helps cross-cultural workers flourish.
  • Helping Children Cope With Traumatic Events

    The aim of this free e-book, which is currently available in seven languages, is to help parents, family members, teachers, clergy, and volunteers learn how to recognize stress reactions, listen, and support children after acts of violence.
  • The Pregnant Traveler

    This US based website, that sprouted out of The Travel Doctor website, is concerned with all things to do with pregnancy and travel.
    Location: Spring Lake, MI, United States
  • Thirtyone:eight

    Established in 1977, Thirtyone:eight is the largest independent Christian safeguarding charity in the UK.
    Tel: 0303 003 1111
    Location: Swanley, Kent