Business as Mission

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Do we trust every label we see? 'Fat free', 'Healthy', 'Suitable for children'. Do we simply believe what they say without thinking for ourselves, 'Is this true?' Or even thinking, 'Is this masking some other truth?' Just because a film has been rated PG8 by the British Board of Film...
There was a recent conference in London, and articles pop up from time to time in mission agency newsletters and the Christian press more generally, talking about "Business as Mission". So what makes it so important? Why should you take the few minutes to read this? The fact that it gets...
The apostle Paul carried on his trade as a tentmaker (Acts 18.3) on some of his missionary journeys, and many people since have followed this example, taking their businesses and professions to other cultures and countries. "Tentmakers are men and women of integrity, employed in real jobs, who share their faith...
  • BizMin

    BizMin is an organisation committed to supporting Christian business leaders. BizMin seeks to help every Christian business leader make business their ministry, transforming their company into a Kingdom Business.
    Tel: 02382029500
    Location: Southampton
  • Business as Mission Resource Centre - YWAM

    We are a team of YWAM staff who have a mandate from YWAM's Global Leaders to resource and network those involved in business as mission in our organisation internationally. We also support the business as mission movement globally, networking widely and providing resources and information for the benefit of all those interested in the strategy of business as mission.
  • Global Intent

    Mobilising, equipping & mentoring tentmakers. GI specializes in preparing both business as mission (BAM) and profession, studies and retirement as mission, tentmakers for workplace evangelism by combining the biblical tentmaking model and core ministry skills to be effective disciple-makers.
    Location: Fort Myers, FL, United States
  • Tent International

    "Join the movement of business people, professionals and students bringing the whole gospel to the whole world!"
    Location: Bergen, Norway