Creation Care

Creation care resources of possible interest to mission personnel and supporters.

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In March last year the sky above my house suddenly emptied of planes and their contrails, and we all began to notice the birdsong. Lockdown meant that harmful carbon emissions from travel more or less ceased overnight. The sudden dip in emissions has been likened to someone turning off the...
As I drove with my family through a remote valley in south-western Uganda ten years ago, we turned a corner and entered a vast landscape of devastation - thousands of hectares of hillside stripped bare of indigenous forest and replanted with sterile rows of eucalyptus and conifers. In the distance...
I was out for dinner recently with a bunch of friends, eating at a local Indian restaurant. One of them asked me about the studies that I'm currently doing and I tried to explain that it was looking at stuff in the Bible that is about the environment. 'That's really...
Please excuse the use of a pun in the title of this article. However "saving the planet" has, during the last decade, rapidly ascended the political and cultural agenda. The green agenda is regularly brought up in our newspapers, on our televisions and across the internet. So much so that...
There is no longer much doubt about the seriousness of the global environmental crisis. Where there is still plenty of confusion, is over the Christian response. Should we agree with the American Christian writer, Cal Thomas, that "Jesus' teaching has nothing to do with global warming or the environment" and...

Book Reviews

A series of Bible passages unpacked to show the Bible’s relevance to environmentalism, and how we can all play our part in limiting the negative effects of climate change.
"I read Carnival Kingdom over a relatively short space of time, but actually there is so much food for thought contained within each chapter that I would recommend a more leisurely stroll, allowing time to think through the themes, ideas and implications explored in each chapter". A review of this book by Hoek, Ingleby, Kingston-Smith and Kingston-Smith. Reviewed by Naomi.
Reviewed by Naomi
  • A Rocha International

    We are a Christian organization engaging communities in nature conservation. A Rocha responds to the global crisis of biodiversity loss by carrying out community-based conservation projects.
    Tel: 0300 770 1346
    Location: London
  • Changing Church: Climate Change

    A series of resources to equip the church to respond to the climate crisis with gospel motivation
  • Climate Stewards

    Climate Stewards is part of the A Rocha family of organisations helping to care for God’s creation. We are passionate about helping people to live better on low carbon while supporting our global neighbours to adapt to the impacts of climate change.
    Tel: 01373 836012
    Location: Nunney, Somerset
  • Creation Care Reading Room

    The Creation Care Reading Room is a page hosted by Tyndale Seminary in Ontario, Canada. The Reading Room is designed to provide creation care resources to those without access to a theological library.
  • EcoTheo Collective

    EcoTheo Collective celebrates wonder, enlivens conversations, and inspires commitments to ecology, spirituality, and art.
  • End Poverty 2030

    End Poverty 2030, an expression of the Micah Global Network, has been formed to engage, equip and empower the church to help end extreme poverty by 2030. The site has Biblical reflection, discussion questions and action point on each of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.
    Tel: 020 8462 5256
    Location: West Wickham, Kent
  • Green Christian

    We are responsible for our impact on God's creation as a whole. Green Christian helps members to understand and relate these responsibilities to their faith.
    Tel: 0345 459 8460
    Location: Hartley Wintney, Hants
  • Operation Noah

    Operation Noah is an ecumenical Christian charity providing leadership, focus and inspiration in response to the growing threat of catastrophic climate change.
    Tel: 07804 059426
    Location: London
  • The John Ray Initiative

    The John Ray Initiative is an educational charity. Articles, briefing papers and studies are available to download from the website. JRI also runs the Christian Rural and Environmental Studies course.
    Tel: 07583 481759
    Location: Gloucester, Gloucestershire