Sending/Supporting Books

'Serving as Senders - Today' by Neal Pirolo, Emmaus Road Intl. ISBN: 1880185245. (Available through OSCAR for £8 + £1.49 p+p)
'Get your church involved in missions!' by Michael Green, OMF books. ISBN: 9971837846 £1.99
'Bringing the World to your Church' by Joy Piper, WEC Publications. ISBN: 090082882-X £6.99 (Get a FREE copy here)
'Care Across Cultures' by Cheralyn Orr. A practical guide for churches on taking care of their missionary families (Available from OSCAR)
'Christ-Centred Generosity' by R. Scott Rodin, Kingdom Life Publishing. ASIN: B00X0LW2B6 £2.30
'Healthy, Resilient and Effective in Cross-cultural Ministry' by Laura Mae Gardner, Katalis/Gloria. ISBN: 6029254433. £6.50.
'Member Care for Missionaries: A Practical Guide for Senders' by Marina Prins & Braam Willemse. ISBN: 0-620-28967-8 $13 (available from Member Care Southern Africa,
'Mind the Gaps' by David Wilson. ISBN 9780578160535 £10.28
'Receiving Them Well' by Lisa Ennis & Lori Bryan. ISBN 1979209367 £7.59
'The Reentry Team' by Neal Pirolo, ERI. ISBN: 1880185075. (Available exclusively in the UK through OSCAR for £10 + £1.49 p+p).