General Mission Books

'5 Things to Pray for your World' by Rachel Jones. ISBN: 9781784982584 £2.99
'A Book of Sparks' by Shaun Lambert, Instant Apostle. ISBN: 0955913535 £8.99 (summary)
'A Task Unfinished' by Michael Griffiths, MARC. ISBN: 1854243136 £5.99
'Between Worlds: Essays on Culture and Belonging' by Marilyn R. Gardner, Doorlight. ISBN: 0983865388 £17.50 (reviewed)
'Beyond Empire' by Jonathan Ingleby, Authorhouse. ISBN: 1449082300 £13.50 (reviewed)
'Building the Kingdom Through Business' by Bridget Adams and Manoj Raithatha. Instant Apostle. ISBN: 0955913519 £7.99.
'Carnival Kingdom' by by Marijke Hoek, Jonathan Ingleby, Carol Kingston-Smith, and Andy Kingston-Smith. Wide Margin. ISBN: 1908860022 £9.99 (reviewed)
'Catch the Vision 2000' by Bill & Amy Stearns, Bethany House. ISBN: 1556611846 £8.99
'Changed Agents: Nine Years in Nepal' by Nick & Ros Henwood, Grosvenor House Publishing Ltd. ISBN: 1908447567 £8.99
'Church on the Oceans' by Martin Otto, buy here. ISBN: 190368949
'Connect!' by Tim Jeffery & Steve Chalke, Spring Harvest. ISBN: 1850784825
'Connect!2' Churches Going Global' by Tim Jeffery & Ros Johnson, Spring Harvest. ISBN: 1850785325
'Cross Cultural Christian' by Stuart Buchanan, St John's Nottingham. ISBN: 9781900920186
'Empowered! Discovering Your Place in God's Story' by Stuart Simpson, Catalyst Ministries. ISBN: 1793076863 £11.99
'Engaging with Hindus' by Robin Thomson, The Good Book Company. ISBN: 1909919101 £6.99 (Read a review of this book here)
'Eternity in their Hearts' by Don Richardson, Regal books. ISBN: 0830738371 £9.99
'Filthy Rich' by Manoj Raithatha, Monarch Books. ISBN: 0857215906 Paperback: £8.99, Kindle £6.02 (Read a review of this book here)
'Funny and Inspiring Stories from Around the World' by Danby Keith, Authentic. ISBN: 185078603-8. £1.00
'The Future of the Global Church' by Patrick Johnstone, Authentic. ISBN: 1850789665 £24.99 (Read a review of this book here)
'Gladys Aylward' by Sam Wellman, Wild Centuries Press. ISBN: 0989790533 £3.61
'The Great Commission' by Rose Dowsett, Monarch. ISBN: 1854245155 £7.99
'The Hospital by the River' by Dr. Catherine Hamlin, Monarch. ISBN: 1854246739 £8.79
'Inspired By Manila' by Wheldon Curzon-Hobson.
'Introducing Christian Mission Today' by Michael W. Goheen, IVP Academic. ISBN: 0830840478 £18.09
'Lambs Dancing with Wolves' by Michael Griffiths, Monarch. ISBN: 1854245058 £8.99
'Mamane's Journey' by Sue Eckert, Print version: $6.95 ; Ebook version: $3.99 (Read a review of this book here)
'Mind the Gap' by Cathie Bartlam, SU. ISBN: 1859993249 £3.99
'Mission Now' by Trev Gregory, Authentic Lifestyle (STL). ISBN: 1850785465 £8.99
'My Rights, My God' by Robin Wells, OMF. ISBN: 1854245031 £6.99
'Operation World' by Jason Mandryk, Biblica Europe. ISBN: 1850788626 £14.99
'Out of the Comfort Zone' by George Verwer, OM Publishing. ISBN: 1850783535 £6.99
'Peace Child' by Don Richardson, eChristian. ISBN: 1596445610 £17.53
'Postmission' edited by Richard Tiplady, Paternoster Press. ISBN: 1842271652 £8.99
'Reaching the Nations' by Mike Frisby, Relational Mission. ISBN: 0995477868 £8.99
'Rwanda - Rising from the Ashes' by John Miles, Verite CM Ltd. ISBN: 1907636331 £7.99
'Sari 'N' Chips' by Ram Gidoomal & Mike Fearon, MARC/South Asian Concern. ASIN: B00FKWJS8I £2.49
'Seafarers: A Strategic Missionary Vision' by Martin Otto, OM Publishing. ISBN: 0953575764 £5.99
'Searching to Serve' Recruiting Kingdom Workers Online by James Nelson with Carla Foote, GMI. ISBN: 0984391983 $9.95 (Kindle $4.99)
'Stories from Around the World' by Danby Keith, Authentic. ISBN: 185078459-0 £1.00
'Stories from Around the World 2' by Danby Keith, Authentic. ISBN: 185078531-7 £1.50
'Strangers Like Angels' by Alec & Jan Forman, Matador. ISBN: 1783063629 £12.99
'Ten Fingers for God' by Dorothy Clarke Wilson, Paul Brand Publishing. ISBN: 0964313707
'The Nepali Diaspora : Migrants, Ministry and Mission' by Valerie M Inchley, EKTA. ISBN: 9789937103312 £10. (Available from
'Turning the Tables on Mission' by Israel Olofinjana, Instant Apostle. ISBN: 9781909728305 £12.99 (Kindle: £7.21)
'Vulnerable Mission' by Jim Harries, William Carey Library. ISBN: 978-0-878-08524-8. £10.99
'We are the world: Globalisation and the changing face of missions' by David Lundy, OM Publishing. ISBN: 185078342X £5.99
'Where there was no church: Postcards from Followers of Jesus in the Muslim World' by EJ Martin. Learning Together Press. ISBN: 098306590X £7.99
'Why bother with mission?' by Stephen Gaukroger, IVP. ISBN: 0851111696 £4.99
'Why bother with mission? Bible Study Guide' by Stephen Gaukroger & Phil Cuthbert, IVP. ISBN: 0851111750 £0.50
'Window on the World' by Daphne Spraggett, Paternoster Press. ISBN: 1850783586. £11.25
'Your Mission: should you accept it' by Stephen Gaukroger, IVP. ISBN: 0830813667 £6.62