Support Raising Courses

  • OSCAR's 'Building Your Support Network' Course

    Training in building a team of churches and individuals who will help support your ministry. OSCAR also partners with Stewardship in this area to provide this training under the title of 'Finance for Ministry'.
  • Stewardship's Toolkit for Ministry Course

    We’ve created three key steps to ensure that you are fully equipped to raise and maintain a strong support base and handle the financial aspects of your ministry with integrity. The first two steps are one-day events, designed to help you understand the processes but also discover that support-raising is much more than a financial transaction. The third step is about equipping you with extra tools specific to your needs. 
  • Funding the Family Business

    If you need to raise personal support, don't miss a rare opportunity to attend one of these training events. Normally only available to the staff of a few large Christian organisations, these 'open-invitation' events are packed with knowledge.
  • Fundraising for Missionaries

    Free online course taking 6-12 hours.
  • Relational

    Information on relational fundraising, an online course, a 4-day workshop on personal support raising including a trainer's day, and other helpful resources. From the YWAM stable.